Five cute outfits for night out

Five cute outfits for night out

28.04.2022 Off By manager_1

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It is difficult to pick a college going out outfit. It’s not a joke, but I know that it can be overwhelming to choose the right outfit for all these events. To get some ideas, I’m always the one who texts my friends to ask what their outfits are.

You don’t have to struggle with this if you are too. I have five trendy and super cute outfit ideas that will make you feel confident when you go out.

You can swap out any piece and personalize the outfits to suit your style. Remember to drink responsibly. Rideshare apps, find-my friends on your phone and the buddy system are all great options. Be responsible with your drinking.

PSA: Many of these looks won’t be applicable until after the pandemic has ended and we can get out again!

1. House Party

  • Sample Outfit: Ruched black top, distressed jeans, mom jeans, white sneakers and a black western belt. Baby blue snakeskin plan.
  • Products: Jeans, Bodysuit, Sneakers, Hoops, Belt, Bag

A house party is more casual than a formal event. However, casual can still be stylish. I paired my light-wash mom jeans with a black, ruched bodysuit. These are two essential pieces that you should keep in your college closet. The casual look is kept casual by the light wash denim, while the bodysuit has a flattering neckline.

This look was paired with classic white Nike Air Force 1s. To match the hardware of the belt, I added an western-style black belt to my accessories and chunky hoop earrings. The mini shoulder bag adds an extra dimension to the look and brings out subtle colors.

2. Going out to Bars Outfit

  • Example Outfit: White ruched top, black distressed jeans, white chunky booties, gold hoop earrings and a black shoulder bag with gold chain detail
  • Products: Jeans and tops, Boots, Hoops and Purse

You will most likely be visiting bars on campus if you are 21 years old or older. Bar outfits can be more formal than those worn at house parties. You can have fun with your outfits.

I started with black jeans. Black jeans are great for nighttime. This fit is slimmer than a full-on boyfriend style so it is flattering. Because of the high-waisted jeans, any crop top would look great with this outfit. This white ruched corset-inspired top is what I chose. My top is flattering and so comfortable. A pair of white booties are my favorite shoe for the bars. I prefer to choose a style that can be easily washed if they get dirty. They are easy to walk in because of their chunky heels.

This look was completed with classic, gold hoops as well as this black-and-gold crossbody bag. Crossbody bags are my favourite for bar scene because they keep you safe and allow you to move hands-free.

3. Birthday Party

  • Going Out Outfit: Black bodycon, short-sleeved dress, light denim jacket with feather details, and snakeskin booties.
  • Products: Dresses, Jackets, Boots, Earrings and Bag

Celebrate birthdays with your friends, regardless of age. This look is casual and sassy, but not too formal. These short-sleeve, body-hugging dresses are very popular and can be found almost everywhere in so many colours. You can adjust the length of the ruching at the sides, which is flattering.

The amazing denim jacket is perfect for layering and warmth at night. The cuffs have feather details, but they aren’t too extravagant. My neutral snakeskin booties should be a staple. They are a great look with a chunky heel. Accessories are important, so I recommend thick hoops.

4. Day Parties

  • Sample Outfit: Laguna Beach cropped grey tee, blue denim skirt, yellow converse, black sunglasses
  • Products: Tee, Skirt, Sneakers, Sunglasses, Earrings, Belt

Day parties are great, especially when the weather starts warming up. End of story. This is a classic outfit that I love and it’s easy to recreate. Pair a denim skirt and a cropped shirt. This one is high-waisted and light-washed.

The high-top Converse in neon green are the main stars of the show. Converse is a great brand that you can find at consignment shops or thrift stores, and you can save a lot on them. Because of the dirt and mud that can be on the ground, they make the perfect shoes for day parties.

Sunglasses are essential for outdoor activities. Recently, the square frame is very popular! I also added star earrings and this black eyelet-hole belt.

5. Frat Party

  • Going Out Outfit: White ruched top, peasant sleeves, blue doc martens, white denim shorts, black and golden western belt, gold jewelry
  • Products: Shorts, Top, Boots, Belt, Earrings, Necklace

Fraternity parties are very common on campus if it is anything like mine. Here’s a tip. Frat houses can be quite disgusting. They won’t be very clean inside. You can still look stylish, but you should be practical.

The cropped, long-sleeve top was paired with high-waisted jeans shorts. This blouse is my favorite because of its large sleeves. You can swap out the white blouse for something darker if you are prone to spills.

I also added a large buckle to my western gold belt. There are small, texture-covered hoops in gold. The necklace is perfect with the top. I recommend any pair of sneakers or a cheap pair of boots for shoes. My white combat boots are made of wipe-off material so they don’t get dirty easily.