5 Tips How to Use Summer Clothes in Winter

5 Tips How to Use Summer Clothes in Winter

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A wardrobe is a collection of clothes that are neatly organized and stored in a closet. However, for most people, it is a pile of clothes that can be found on the floor or on the chair. Some people don’t have a separate winter wardrobe.
This quick guide can help you transform your summer clothes into winter.

1. Take the Shawl

There are many ways to wrap a shawl. The best choice is yours. You have two options: you can let your hands hang the gorgeous cloth behind your back or wrap it around your neck. You can tie it in a knot or use a loop. Hrithik Roshan’s simple, yet elegant method is to flip your head to the back. Anthony O. Gomes, one of the most influential influencers, has broken stereotypes through his amazing draping styles.

2. The Frocks Return

Winters don’t have to be a depressing experience. You can still wear shorts and frocks if you do the right thing. Stockings are your new friend and savior. Pair your shorts or frocks with thick stockings to give it that summer feel. Try those perfect fit jeans again.

3. Accessorize * 100

It is their season, so get those caps, beanies, scarfs and mufflers out of the hibernation dens. You can reuse the same sweater many times by using different accessories. You can only do that by trying new things and not being afraid to make bold choices. Try switching places to see the results that even small changes can make.

4. Your oversized shirts are back

Do you remember those chequered shirts that you wore? They are waiting for you to rescue them. To add that extra flair to your wardrobe, pair your sweaters or hoodies with your shirts. You can pair warm shirts with half-sleeved summer t-shirts if you happen to have them.

5. Beyond Boots

While the world will tell your to buy more boots, don’t let that stop you from resolving to revamp your summer wardrobe. If paired with the right socks, even Open-toed shoes can be worn in winter. You can choose to have the shoes printed or colored.

Pro tip: Don’t forget your sneakers. They are timeless.