5 ways to make your summer makeup last all day

5 ways to make your summer makeup last all day

01.06.2022 Off By manager_1

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We have tips for keeping your Raya makeup looking fresh, whether you are searching social media for inspiration or going to the mall to buy new products.

Summer heat and humidity can make makeup look unflattering. Even the most seasoned beauty enthusiasts will find this a challenge. Although it may sound daunting, it is possible to keep your makeup fresh throughout the day, rain or shine.

The right combination of products will ensure that your makeup looks will last beyond the galivanting and feasting.

Here are some tips to keep your make-up looking amazing throughout the day.

Hydration is key to a successful prep

A good foundation is a must for any makeup artist. Hydration is essential for products to blend well and look great on your face. This is the time to forget about actives.

It plumps up the skin and also gives it a boost of energy.

Brushes are better than sponges

Although we all have our preferences between sponges and brushes, this situation is best left to brushes. While thin layers are the ultimate goal, brushes can achieve this without reducing coverage or adding humidity to the skin. It’s better to use a little product and then build up the desired coverage, rather than applying a thick layer.

Duo-fibre bristles are the best choice when it comes down to selecting the right brush. The bristles that are blacker and more dense work product into the base. While the bristles that are lighter and more flexible buff the product seamlessly for a smooth finish.

Avoid the glowing foundation

We all know that glowing skin is a big trend right now. However, foundations that are matte have become far less oily than they were back in the day. But matte foundations can provide full coverage and long wear even in the most strenuous of conditions.

Dry skin types will need to use all the hydration you received from the first tip. This will help protect your makeup from drying out and settling into fine lines. You can now achieve a healthy glow with your favorite powder highlighters if you are determined to get that radiant skin.

Every layer between

This powder technique is exploding all across TikTok. Believe it or not it works great. We mean powder between each layer when we refer to it. After your skincare has fully absorbed the skin’s ingredients, apply the powder. Apply your favorite primer and powder once more. Apply your foundation, concealer, and finish by dusting with powder. It will make makeup last longer and give you a more airbrushed look.

Setting spray

Setting spray is a key step in sealing the base. A light mist of setting spray can be used to seal in the last layer of powder. You will need makeup setting sprays that are designed for long-lasting wear. Your favorite skincare products might not be able to do the trick.

Be on the lookout if there are any unwanted drops that may leave a pockmarked mark. You can use a sponge or tissue paper to remove the droplets.

Liquid and bullet lipsticks

When you bring it inside, the masks will come off and you can still enjoy traditional delights. It’s easy to have a lipstick meltdown because most of the oil is on top. A reliable lip color is the best choice, unless you don’t want to skip the feasts.

The matte liquid lipstick option will give you a deeper, more vibrant color. A bullet lipstick is the best option if you aren’t afraid to reapply, since products will not bunch up when reapplied.

Powders to touch up the go

The last thing you need to do to secure your makeup is to always be prepared for touch-ups. Even with the most effective products and applications, heat and humidity can cause damage. Powders are your best option to restore your beauty.

For such situations, translucent powder is best. However, for those with oily skin, a powder foundation may be a better option as pigments can easily disappear with time. A pressed powder of any type will do the trick.