8 Ways to Incorporate Sequins in Your Everyday Outfit

8 Ways to Incorporate Sequins in Your Everyday Outfit

09.11.2021 Off By manager_1

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Can you wear ‘inappropriate’ glitter on weekdays? Yes! But it is important to remember the rule of everyday fashion. Do not shine like a Christmas tree. All things should be done in moderation.

Unlike earlier times when sequins were only for holidays and parties, nowadays they can be worn any day. It is important to mix the sequins with other elements of the image. You need to be familiar with a few guidelines in order to do this.

  • Wear only one shiny item

The thing with sequins is that they can be used as an accent in any outfit. Let your festive topic shine. This jacket or trousers should be in a neutral monochrome color. For the evening, you can stuff your clutch bag with metal plates.

  • Monochrome looks are preferable

A simple outfit with one color scheme will reduce the sparkle of glittered clothes. The top and bottom should be the same shade. A playful outfit will be created by an all-white outfit with capri pants shining in sunlight. A dark cashmere coat can soothe a brightly colored cocktail dress. A yellow top can “pacify” a golden skirt for an evening out.

  • It can look good with sports outfit

You can share your passion for a team with the world even on weekdays if you are a passionate cheerleader. You will stand out from the rest of the crowd by wearing a T-shirt that has a sequin applique, and a sporty outfit will reflect your passion. In this instance, bright accessories and jewelry should be left behind. Your everyday look will be enhanced by a solid-colored backpack, calm sleepers, and watches on a leather strap (but no metal bracelets).

  • Make small shiny wedges

A sewn-in sequin wedge can be decorated with the most discrete outfit. Do not let the decor interfere with your daily wardrobe. This idea can be used to line a jacket or raincoat, and it can even be totally shiny.

  • Balance the shine

You can neutralize the bombast with sneakers or a bag. Mixing different styles can make the go-out look a daytime one. You can wear jeans under a cocktail gown, or a shiny jacket with a large bag made of leather that isn’t related to the party.

  • Soft sweaters can be paired with the look

A shiny skirt won’t look smug on the subway if it’s paired with a plain knit pullover or sweater. The warmth of the top will be softened by the solemnity of this thing. The whole bow is also office-like and works.

  • Rare sequin splashes are not to be avoided

You can use them to decorate your wardrobe, including tops, sweaters, shoes, and bags. Shiny grains can make any item embossed and non monotonous by adding a small amount of joy. For office wear, sequin accessories and embroidery are also allowed. It is important that the part isn’t too large.

  • Use natural makeup

An evening dress will be less aggressive if you have a light, almost invisible make-up. The outfit will be more feminine if you have a gentle, light look that isn’t too heavy on the eyes.