Four tips how to style linen pants/shorts in summer

Four tips how to style linen pants/shorts in summer

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Are you ever uncomfortable wearing linen shorts or pants? It can be difficult to dress up linen pants and make it look professional because of its softness. With a few tips and tricks, you can put together linen pants that look professional. Here are four styling tips for linen pants and shorts.

Linen is my favorite material. It’s softer than jeans, easier to move in and less constricting, and lighter than denim. It is much more comfortable and airy.

If you are concerned about wrinkles and linen, then that is part of the beauty of linen. It’s important to remember that not all linen pieces wrinkle the same way. Don’t wear a pair that is wrinkled too much. Instead, try another pair. You shouldn’t completely rule out linen shorts or pants!

Okay, let’s move on to the tips!

  1. Casual Summer Outfit: black tank top + tan linen pants + leopard slide sandals + grey crossbody bag + long gold disc pendant necklace + tan leather earrings.
  2. Casual Summer Outfit: white tee + denim jacket + olive linen jogger pants + leopard t-strap sandals + cognac tote + long gold disc pendant necklace

Tip #1: Use a harder texture

Pairing linen pants with a soft shirt like a tee or tank top will create two very soft pieces. This is when you can easily go “pajama” style. If you have the time, add something more structured, like a jacket or jewelry, to balance it out. I would choose to wear both, even though I know I may take my jacket off.

My favorite is ModCloth tank, which is super stretchy. It is extremely soft and comfortable. But, this softness must be balanced with structure or something with harder textures. To anchor the outfit, I used my favorite pendant necklace.

The second outfit was made with a super soft, stretchy white shirt. Although it’s very comfortable, you need to offset that softness with structure or a more structured texture. The pendant necklace was also added. The denim jacket gives the outfit more structure than a soft piece like the cardigan and pulls it together.

  1. Summer Shorts Outfit: White lace top + olive shorts + Tan ankle strap sandals + Cognac Tote + long Gold disc pendant necklace + Tan leather cutout earrings.
  2. Casual Summer Outfit: Leopard top + black pants + Tan braided sandals

Tip #2: Wear linen pants with a more elegant top

You can pair linen with a casual, soft top or a more formal shirt. You can dress up your linen pants with nicer tops!

The first outfit’s lace top has its own structure. The leopard print top in the second outfit isn’t too fancy but it is still a step above a simple t-shirt. It can be worn casually for business, or I can style it down with linen pants. The tops are more structured than a soft tank/tee, which helps to counter the softness of linen pants.

  1. Casual Summer Outfit: White tie-front tee + Tan Linen Pants + White Slide Sandals + Grey Crossbody Bag + Spotted Leather Earrings

Tip #3: Wear tops that have finished hems

What do I mean when I say a finished edge? Let’s first discuss what I want you to avoid. Pairing linen pants with a top that is too long, loosely fitting, or that hangs haphazardly on you, is something that I am trying to discourage. This is a key point that I stress almost every time (and it is also something I discuss in my online course Simply Put Together), but linen pants are especially vulnerable to this.

What is a finished hem? I generally mean anything that looks planned. It doesn’t matter if the bottom has a tie, a knot or loose front-tuck. Or if the peplum is just right for you. This will make the top look intentional and not just hang out.

The tops that I have shown are normally tied or tucked. This detail gives the outfit a more intentional look, which is important when using soft items like linen.

Tip #4: Wear real shoes

This isn’t the first time I have written about it. Real shoes are more important when you have soft items like linen. When I say “real shoes”, I don’t mean send it in with clunky sneakers, or cheap-looking rubber flip flops. That’s all, really! Although it sounds easy, I see flip flops and clunky shoes way too often. It’s a great way to update your look, especially if you wear linen pants which are often casual.

Here you have it! These are the four key points to remember when styling linen pants. You’ll look chic and stylish in comfortable linen pants/shorts or soft tops.