How often should man shampoo his hair?

How often should man shampoo his hair?

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The most debated topic in haircare is when you should shampoo your hair. If you’re like most men I know, you shampoo your hair every day. Your hair can get oily or something. Let me be clear: Shampooing your hair every day is not necessary. You should not shampoo your hair every day! It all depends on how your hair is cut, but it’s more common to shampoo two or three times per week.

Shampooing Less: The logic behind it

Shampooing is good for removing oil. It’s logical to assume that shampooing more will result in less oil. We don’t live in such a world. If you force yourself to wash your hair every other day to begin, your scalp will produce less oil over time. It learns and responds. Daily washers will find that oily hair can be caused by the fact that it is washed every day. The hair needs to be nourished and the scalp produces more sebum. This allows the sebum to build up and keep the hair shaft hydrated. Your scalp will go to the extreme of a daily shampoo, but then you end up with an overproduction of sebum. Take it easy on your scalp and shampoo less. Hair should be moisturized and conditioned, not steamed.

Should You Shower Less?

Don’t get me wrong, you should still shower every day. You can rinse your hair daily, as this will remove most oily and sweaty hair products (most hair products are water-soluble).

You can and should use conditioner as often as you like, although it might not be practical for some guys. If you have more textured hair, it’s also worth trying to co-wash (“conditioner-wash”). This is when your fortifying conditioner can help remove oil and grime buildup. This can save you some time, perhaps for a few extra days.

We’re on the subject of conditioner. You should follow your shampoo with a conditioner. (Don’t forget 2-in-1 products that you should never use in your shower.)

But what if your hair is really oily?

Do your best to change to a daily routine. Dry shampoo is another product that can reduce oil.

Dry shampoo can be used as a style aid for daytime. Spray it on your roots and then apply any other styling products. You must rinse your hair and dry it. Dry shampoo, which can be in powder, spray, or paste form, absorbs the extra grease from your scalp and gives your hair some lift at the roots, as there is no oil to weigh it down. This saves you the hassle of washing out all the natural oils and nutrients from your hair. It also gives you an extra day to shampoo again.

To avoid product buildup at the ends of your hair, you should use a “wet” shampoo. If you prefer to shampoo in a morning, rinse the hair well.

Which Shampoo Do You Need?

If you do use shampoo, make sure it contains scalp-friendly ingredients. Many people think that they are just washing their hair. But, it is really a scalp-friendly skincare routine.