Here’s how to fake bleached eyebrows

Here’s how to fake bleached eyebrows

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We all know the expression “fake it till you make it”. Well, with bleached eyebrows, we recommend that you do just that… for forever. Bleaching your eyebrows can cause serious damage and it can be tricky. Joey Healy, Celebrity Eyebrow Specialist, says that the most important concept in Joey Healy’s ‘Eyebrow Philosophy is to make sure your eyebrows are healthy, full, and long-lasting. Bleaching your eyebrows is a bad idea and can cause hair damage. Bleach causes hair to lose its lubricating oils and makes it weaker. This is similar to bleaching your hair on the head.

There’s also the problem of regrowth, which can be a challenge. Healy states that the brow hairs of the bleached are starting to grow in and take on a speckled appearance as the virgin hairs start to sprout. It is best to let your hair grow in before you lighten again. This will lead to over-processing, which can cause more damage to previously bleached hair.

Are you still a fan of the naked brow trend? Healy states, “If you’re considering bleaching your brows, I recommend that you first do a fake bleached one before going for the permanent bleach.” This is everything you need to know about fake bleaching brows.

Why bleached brows are in fashion

This is another resurgent fad, thanks to the revival of Y2K. Healy states that the bleached eyebrow look was popularized by celebrities like Kevyn Acoin in the early 2000s. “I believe that younger generations are more willing to take chances due to the speed of social media, particularly on platforms like TikTok which has hundreds of million of users who see these Y2K trends recirculating through their feeds. The post-pandemic movement of people looking to reinvent themselves is reflected in the extreme, high-fashion look of the bleached eyebrow.”

The attention-grabbing look of bleached eyebrows is another reason why they are so popular. Healy states that bleached brows are a unique and unusual look. It is not in keeping with western beauty standards. Healy says, “I believe that makeup and beauty will experience a major grunge moment that’s more extreme and rebellious. Bleached brows are an indication of this.”

Are (Faux) Bleached Brows Right for You?

This is not the easiest trend to incorporate into your look, we hate to say it. Healy states that bleached brows can be very difficult to achieve because they erase the eyebrows and give the appearance of a large forehead. A square face is best for bleaching brows. It has a deeper jawline and a narrower forehead. The reason is that the jaw and forehead can balance one another even while you are bleaching the brows.

For those with heart-shaped faces, the bleached brow look is not recommended. Reese Witherspoon, sorry! Healy says, “If you have a small mouth, narrow jaw, and a large forehead, this trend will make the upper hemisphere look larger, drawing more attention to it.”

How to fake bleached eyebrows

Tinted brow gel is the first thing you need to fake a bleached eyebrow. Healy states that you should use a lighter/blender color to make the hairs disappear. The Joey Healy Brow Lacquer ($28), which is smaller and compact, makes it easy to apply all over the hair. Apply the product to the brows in all directions. Make sure you also get the base layer. This will visually remove all hairs and dark shadows.

A full coverage concealer can also be used to create the illusion of brows that are bleached. Healy suggests using a mousse-texture concealer over a pressed cream for a more easy application. He suggests using a mascara-type brush to sweep the concealer through your hairs. It is best to apply the concealer in layers so that it covers all hairs.

Another option is to use a root cover up spray such as L’Oreal Paris Magic Root Coverup ($10). Healy advises that you apply the product with a spoolie to the hairs and then sweep the hairs the same way as concealer.

Avoid products with an orangey hue. To ensure that hairs blend seamlessly into the skin, stick with neutrals and nudes. Shiny products are also best avoided. Healy states that matte products are the best for fake bleached eyebrows. It makes hairs appear a bit more slanted with the skin and gives them a more natural bleached look.

What to do if you fall in love with it?

Although DIY bleaching can be done home, Healy suggests that you see a professional. This could include a cosmetologist, eyebrow specialist or hairdresser. Healy advises caution. Bleach is stronger than other brow dyes so make sure to avoid direct contact with your eyes. You should immediately stop using bleach if you experience skin irritation.

Limit the amount of chemicals that you apply to your eyebrows. Healy states, “If you’re participating in brow treatments such as brow lacing, it’s best to forget about it. Your brows will be gone.” “Blenching your eyebrows should be the only chemical procedure you’re doing.”

Remember that bleaching can make it very difficult to go back to your original color if you don’t like the way you look. “Even if you dye the bleached brows, the hair is already so dry and porous that they will absorb any dye (even if it’s a light shade) and make it extremely dark and prominent–oftentimes, they will turn black,” Healy warns. You will need to wait for the brows to recover if you don’t like it.

You should nourish your fragile brow hair if you decide to bleach them. Healy recommends a peptide-based eyebrow serum such as the Joey Healy’s Brow Renovation Serum ($125), that is rich in botanicals, vitamins and moisturize-boosting ingredients. A serum can be applied after bleaching to condition and strengthen hair.

Remember, just because something is trending doesn’t mean that you should do it. Healy advises, “Always be cautious of trends! They are not always flattering.”