How Influencers Find Their Style

How Influencers Find Their Style

14.06.2022 Off By manager_1

When I flip through magazines and scroll through their websites, I’m often in awe at the beauty of what I see. It’s difficult not to be in awe of that. It’s a beautiful styling job, and the pieces are very fashion-forward. Everything is so inspiring. It is definitely one of my key inspirations in what I wear and what drives my influencer style- the aesthetic you see everywhere, from my blog to my social media channels.

The approach I prefer when it comes to fashion influencers is different. It’s more approachable and makes it easy to use common trends in a practical way. As a fashion blogger and influencer, I enjoy being able show looks that are simple and wearable. This allows women to create outfits that can be worn to work and out with their friends. These are some of the things influencers think about when styling their looks.

Your style is the best!

Because their style matches my own, I follow many influential people. I believe that’s very important. Instead of trying to show off the latest trends, it’s all about dressing up for yourself. The more authentic an influencer/blogger is with their signature look, the more attractive their content will be. Being authentic is key to influencer style.

Versatility is the key

Wearability is also very important to me. I often shoot my looks in my car, using it as a portable changing room. I run between fittings and pick up my kids.

A few fashion bloggers and influencers are friends of mine and they all have a common approach to fashion. To show how important it is that everything you own can be used with any of your clothes, we often use the same shoes and bags multiple times.

In all of my content, I try to embrace and celebrate my style.

Mix and match

It’s also about mixing vintage pieces with current trends and giving an outfit a unique touch. I love the ability to take a piece that I already own and pair it with key accessories for the season, such as a specific shoe style or silhouette. This is about styling and creating a look that we love and feels comfortable in.

Embrace experimentation

Flexibility is also important. When styling my ‘What You Wore’ shoots, I try to find outfits that can be worn from day to night by simply changing my shoes or bag. I also like mixing high-street and designer pieces.

Experimentation is something that bloggers love to do. Although I am aware that I will often experiment with new pairings in order to find a new outfit, it makes me feel good when I leave the house. That’s what I want all my readers to feel when they visit my blog or my social media channels.