Does someone’s “Sign” really affect your relationship compatibility?

Does someone’s “Sign” really affect your relationship compatibility?

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Let’s suppose you had a great date with someone. Tell your friend about it. You ask them, “But which sign are they?” This prompts you to think about Zodiac compatibility and how legitimate it is. Linda Furiate is an astrologer and relationship specialist. She says that compatibility between the planets can be expressed by the elements of someone’s Star (i.e. Sun) sign. She explained that the elements are Fire, Earth and Air and each Zodiac sign is associated w/ an element. The 12 astrological signs, also known as the sun and star signs, and their elements are:

  • Aries – Fire
  • Taurus – Earth
  • Gemini – Air
  • Cancer – Water
  • Leo – Fire
  • Virgo – Earth
  • Libra – Air
  • Scorpio – Water
  • Sagittarius – Fire
  • Capricorn – Earth
  • Aquarius – Air
  • Pisces – Water

Furiate says that “When two people are comfortable and compatible with each other, they often share the same element between themselves personal planets.” Fire and Fire; Earth and Earth; Water and Water and Air and Air. These are the most compatible signs, Furiate says. Taurus and Virgo, for example, are both Earth signs. Furiate says that these two signs could be a good match, as they are both practical, grounded and conservative. A Virgo, an Earth sign, might feel drained or lifeless around a Sagittarian who is a fire sign and full of energy. A Sagittarius might be more compatible with Aries or Leo because they are both Fire signs and love to have fun.

Similar to the above, Water signs feel most at home with other Water signs. She says that there is often a deep sense between them of intuition and knowing. Water signs have a natural ease around Water signs. They may be able to pick up subtle energies and thoughts without needing to speak. Water signs and Fire sign tend to be less compatible because the glum natures of water tends not to drown out the fire-inspired inspiration.

Mecca Woods is the founder of My Life Created and an astrologer. She also wrote books such as Astrology for Happiness and Success, and The Astrology Journal. She also believes that astrology can be one of the many tools that we have to help us understand and relate to one another. In an email, she said that compatibility and astrology are best understood by people who know the elements and how they mix together. “For example, Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), blends well with Air [Gemini (Libra), Aquarius] because of their unique ideas and carefree personalities. Fire signs are a warm and enthusiastic energy that keeps things interesting for their intellectual counterparts.

Compatibility is More Than a person’s “Sign”

Furiate states that to fully understand the nature and meaning of compatibility with Zodiac signs, one must look beyond the Sun sign. She says that the personal planets, Mercury, Venus and Mars help to tell a deeper story and understand the nature of compatibility between two people. “More often than the Sun sign, the personal planets are more significant in compatibility between two persons.” Furiate suggests that if you want to really dig into the meanings of the stars and planets about you and your partner (or future partner), Furiate recommends consulting an astrologer who is specialized in relationship compatibility. They can help you determine the strengths and the weaknesses of your relationship.

Mecca agrees with that statement, saying there is a deeper foundation to astrological compatibility called synastry. “With synastry astrologers study two people’s birth charts and compare how they fit together,” she said. “We examine how the planets interact in each person’s charts, and which parts are most affected, or activated for each person in the relationship. If I look at your chart, for example, I might view you as someone I can share all my secrets with or someone I have trouble hiding from.” A couple who has very different methods of doing things could also be considered synastry. It could be that one person is a Mars in Leo while the other has a Mars at Scorpio. This means that they might end up bumping heads because they are both stubborn for different reasons.

Woods said that she laughs whenever someone says they don’t like a certain sign or that they won’t be dating anyone again. She explains that these people are usually those who have the sign prominently in their charts, such as a Libra who says they hate Virgos but has a Venus or Moon in Virgo. I find synastry or zodiac compatibility to be a good way to learn about yourself.

Zodiac compatibility can be helpful, but it’s not everything

Woods believes that Zodiac compatibility can help us understand our relationships and patterns. She says that it is an important part of astrology. “However I believe that too much attention to Zodiac compatibility can lead to problems when someone decides to end a relationship or jumps in too quickly without really getting to know the person. She says that they could make wrong assumptions about the person if they do not. Or you could look at a chart, and think, “Wow, this is the right partner for me!” Only to discover that they are actually a terrible match. Sometimes, even the worst match can end up being the best. This can be found in your Venus sign. “I believe that this is the best way to tell if we are truly compatible.”