How to keep fine jewellery

How to keep fine jewellery

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A piece of jewelry can be passed on to the next generation in the same way as a family journal or an old family story. Fine jewelry is built to last. Precious metals and gemstones, for example, are natural materials that have traveled hundreds of thousands of miles to reach the surface of the earth. They can be worn daily and used in modern times, but they require some care to keep their beauty intact. To preserve your fine jewelry, whether they are valuable investments or treasured family heirlooms, we spoke with an expert team of fine-jewelry experts.

Diamonds aren’t delicate

Diamonds are among the hardest gemstones and they are also the easiest to clean. They are extremely durable and can withstand regular cleaning. Professional ultrasonic deep-cleans are also possible. Suzanne Kalan’s Firework Designs – intricate jewels that have many nooks and crevices – makes her an ideal person to give advice on how to keep your diamonds sparkling at home. Kalan says that the best way to clean diamonds at home is to use warm water and soapy liquid. After soaking your stone for a few minutes, gently brush it with a soft toothbrush. Kalan says that this will do wonders for your diamonds, even if it isn’t possible to have them professionally cleaned.

Bezel settings are a popular trend that allows stones to be set flush with the surrounding metal. This can make cleaning diamonds more difficult. Designer Anita Ko explains that to properly clean a bezel-set stone, it is necessary to remove the setting. “Because this is what I always recommend to my customers, I advise them to take out their bezel-set jewels whenever they wash their hands or apply lotion. It will help reduce the buildup of soap, sweat, and chlorine, which makes cleaning much easier.

Be easy with colorful gems

The gem’s hardiness determines how durable a gemstone is. It can range from zero to ten. Diamonds are rated at ten while sapphires, rubies and rubies rank at nine. Softer stones like emeralds or tanzanites, which score between six to eight, require special care and can’t withstand abrasive detergents. Sameer Lilani (director of Amrapali), a house known for its richly colored stones, says, “We recommend that you use a soft, clean towel only.” Roberto Boghossian is the managing partner of Boghossian. He also suggests that you take extra care with more unusual gemstones like chalcedony or chrysoprase. Avoid exposure to strong chemicals and sudden temperature changes or excessive heat. This could cause a stone to crack.

How to care precious metals

Fine jewelry is usually made in platinum or gold, which means that you don’t have to worry about the constant tarnishing challenges posed by silver. However, precious metals do still require some care from time-to-time. “A jewelry polish cloth can be used to remove any tarnish from jewelry that has been worn over time,” says Yves Spinelli (co-founder of Spinelli Kilcollin). Use mild soap and a toothbrush to clean chains. But be careful, because gold and platinum can scratch.

Jewelers are trained to check the stability and condition of jewels. Metals can also be polished to restore their shine. However, Lilani recommends that this is done only every two to three year. Buccellati, a metal expert, recommends using classic jewelry pouches made from antioxidant materials to protect pieces from dirt, dust and air. However, it is important to store them carefully as heat and humidity can accelerate the oxidation process.

Protect pearls, opals, and enamel

Diamonds can be a bit rough and tumble but it is important that delicate, porous stones like pearls are handled with care. Sophie Bille Brahe, a pearl expert, says that pearls are organic and cannot tolerate chemicals. They may become dull if they aren’t worn often. She says that natural oils found in our skin are the best way to treat them. Keep pearls out of direct sunlight when storing them. Opals need a humid environment. Boghossian explains that opals are very water-rich and should be kept in a humid environment to prevent them from cracking.

Brightening enamel jewelry is a trend that requires extra attention to the basics of jewelry care. When it comes water, exercise, lotions, and potions, remove. Designer Bea Bongiasca warns that enamel should be kept as far from solvents as possible, such as nail polish remover or isopropyl Alcohol. Biodegradable soap is also recommended to remove sweat and particles from toiletries. She says, “It’s just like clothes. You have to wash them!”

Choose storage wisely

Many designers are as concerned about how jewelry is stored as their jewels. Nadia Morgenthaler, a Swiss jeweler, creates custom cylindrical boxes that allow her earrings and other jewelry to be suspended while not in use. This allows for any pressure to be removed and prevents rubbing. Bille Brahe has created a whole range of luxurious velvet hard-case boxes to protect the pieces when they are traveling. Messika’s ring boxes have a fun trick: when the box is opened, a small light will flicker on to illuminate the treasure within. They were originally designed for proposals in dim lighting. However, they can also be used to check if your diamond ring is clean.