How to include Golf and Tennis Style in your outfit

How to include Golf and Tennis Style in your outfit

24.05.2022 Off By manager_1

Summer sports are on our minds — tennis and golf. The PGA Tour has begun too. Wimbledon is coming up next month. Even if you aren’t there, the tennis and golf looks will still be on your mind.
This is because this summer, we are seeing a lot of ultra-sporty style trends. Golf and tennis are synonymous with prep culture. This is still a popular vibe, but the styles are more casual and easy to wear than ever before. This latest version of athleisurewear is a mix of polish and relaxed ease. You can wear these looks anywhere, no need for a court or links, because they are so flirty and fun.
Check out these elements to make a stylish tennis or golf player, except for the clubs and racquets.

Workout dresses

Tennis dresses used to come without built-in bras or shorts. It’s a great time to be alive in the age of the pull-on, quick-drying workout dress. Many of these dresses come with extra support for the bust, pockets for tennis balls and inner bike shorts.

Pleated Skirts

For those who want to be more casual and flirty in their tennis or golf play, a pleated skirt is a great option. This is a similar design to the skort, but without the built-short. You can add a pair of breathable cotton flowerers underneath to make it non-active fashion wear, or you can pair them with your spandex and racquet.

Micro Bike Shorts

A pair of mini biker pants underneath a pleated skirt will be necessary. These contouring shorts provide coverage and can be used to hide tennis balls by tucking them up your side legs.

Crew socks

It’s important to remember that a specific style of sock is required for golf or tennis. This is because a sock with a higher cut can absorb sweat from your legs. Ankle socks can’t. If you have a few more inches to show off in your upper socks, go ahead and pick a stylish pair.

Collared Polo Shirts

The polo shirt is a classic. The polo shirt is timeless, stylish, and versatile. While the look for tennis and golf was once more sophisticated and elegant, we love the boxy, cropped collared polo shirt. We don’t mind a more tailored, buttoned up look.

Plaid Golf Shorts

The pleated detail at one end of golf shorts makes tucked in polo shirts appear more professional and streamlined. You’ll find many pleated lightweight, wicking, and pleated shorts made of a 4-way stretch fabric. This makes it much easier to move around, whether you’re out on the course or not.

Tennis Sneakers

Proper tennis shoes are essential. Tennis shoes, unlike running shoes, are designed to propel you forward. However, they can also be used to speed you up from the front, back, sideways, up and down and across. They can be worn off-court with your tennis outfit or paired with jeans for a casual weekend look.


The visor is another place where tennis and golf often overlap. The visor is appreciated by players because it keeps the sun out of their eyes and, unlike regular baseball caps or dad hats, it allows for top-of the head ventilation. This stylish accessory is also a great summer accessory that protects your skin from the sun.

Large Canvas Tennis Totes

A large canvas tote can be a stylish way of transporting all your golf or tennis gear, including balls, towels, water bottles, extra clothes and even extra racquets. You get bonus points if the tote is in a cute design. This can be used to transport your equipment from the country club to wherever it’s needed.