6 Tips on Styling Wide-leg Pants

6 Tips on Styling Wide-leg Pants

21.10.2021 Off By manager_1

Wide leg pants look great, no matter if you are sold on them or not. They have a casual, yet sophisticated vibe that makes them feel polished and grown-up. It is important to keep a few things in your mind when styling these pants so that they don’t overwhelm you with all the volume. This pants can be worn for many occasions with a few styling adjustments.

This post is for you if you feel intimidated by wearing this style or are unsure how to pair it with other styles. Wide leg pants are something we have always loved and are able to try different looks.

  • These pants can be tailored

It’s important to have the right length for wide leg pants. They shouldn’t be too long so they drag on the ground (which can also pose a safety hazard). You don’t want them to be too short that they look unnatural. If you are a petite person, you should often have to take things up. We recommend that you have your pants professionally hemmed. To ensure the perfect fit, make sure you bring the right shoes for your needs.

  • High waist is must!

Although low rise pants may be making a comeback, we believe that wide-legged pants with a high waist are the best. This style is extremely chic and gives it an elevated look.

  • You can either tuck or crop your shirt

Wide leg pants are our favorite. We like to tuck everything in, whether it is a cami, jumper, or shirt. It looks cleaner and the proportions look better. Although some people look great in a slightly larger button-down shirt and wide-leg pants, we believe you need to be a bit taller to achieve the desired effect. You can tuck things in if you are smaller than average. If you don’t like the look or feel comfortable wearing a crop top, but are hesitant about showing your skin, you can try a pair of high-waisted, wide-leg pants. A crop top can be achieved, but a higher waist will give you more coverage. Wide leg, high waisted pants with wide legs are our favorite.

  • Experiment with colors

Wide leg pants in neutral colors are our favorites. A crisp white pant is one of the most chic and versatile. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear colour! Wide leg pants look amazing in bright colors (think reds, oranges, and purples …), as well as a bold-ish print, if you dare. You can temper the intensity of your colour-wearing look by pairing it with neutrals at the top.

  • Balance is key

Our general rule of thumb when it comes to volume is that if you are wearing something too bulky at the bottom, go for something more fitted at your top. This will help you achieve the right balance and ensure you are wearing your outfit, not “your outfit is using yo”. When wearing wide-leg pants, remember to be mindful of your proportions.

  • Use different silhouettes

Wide leg pants are versatile and you can experiment with different styles. A bold shirt with a strong shoulder can look powerful when paired with tailored, wide-leg pants and a simple heel. A white tee and sandal are the perfect combination for effortless, casual style. You can create a “I’m just chilling at the Riviera” look with a chic bodysuit, statement sunnies, and a slide. You have to experiment with your body shape, and balance is important.