How To Clean Earrings

How To Clean Earrings

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It’s been said before and it will be repeated again: The perfect pair of earrings elevates any outfit.

The right earrings can complete any outfit with style, whether it’s the gold hoops that you use to put together with a simple white T-shirt and jeans combination, the studs that you stack to make an Instagrammable ear cluster, or the costume jewellery pieces that go with your party wear.

However, if your favorite earrings become dull or discolored, they won’t have the same impact. We spoke with Monica Vinader, founder, CEO, and fine jeweller to find out how to clean your earrings at-home.

How do you know if your earrings need cleaning?

Vinader said that if your earrings lose their shine, it’s likely they need some TLC.

It’s quite common for earrings to get duller over time due to how frequently they are exposed to products in our hair, our smartphones and air-pods, as well as the general handling of earrings (I believe we all do this at one point or another).

“It would be impossible to minimize their exposure to these elements so it is important to maintain their appearance by regularly cleaning them.”

How do you clean your earrings at home?

A soft, clean cloth will keep your sterling silver, 18ct gold, and rose vermeil jewellery shining brightly. Tissue paper and paper towels can cause scratches when used to clean metal.

“It is important to learn how to clean gemstones because they require different care.”

Natural stones can absorb dirt and it is important to clean them after they have been worn. Because many natural gemstones are delicate, avoid using hot water, harsh chemicals or cleaners. It is best to clean natural gemstones with a soft, clean cloth.

“Very porous stones like pearls, turquoise and howlite should only be cleaned with an untreated, dry, and soft cloth.”

Which are the best products for cleaning earrings at home?

You should only use polishing cloths that have been recommended by jewellery companies. They are specifically made to match your jewellery. You can also use polishing cloths to polish your eyeglasses.

“I don’t like jewellery cleaners or polishing liquids. They can sometimes do more harm than good.”

“I recommend that you bathe your earrings in warm water with a little bit of non-antibacterial soap to remove any residue and dirt. The pieces will look freshened if you follow this up with a gentle wipe-down using your polishing brush.”

How often should earrings need to be cleaned?

“I believe that daily cleaning is unrealistic (I truly live in my jewelry), but it’s worth gently polishing your earrings every few days to restore shine.”

“I recommend that you do a deeper cleaning once every two weeks for the earrings that you wear most often. This is especially true if you are a fan of perfumes and hairsprays or play with your earrings while thinking. These can cause oil and residue buildup on your earrings.”

How often should your earrings be professionally cleaned?

If your items are very precious and you need to take extra care of them, professional cleaning is the best option.

“Earrings often contain multiple metals and/or gems, which can each require a different kind of care. A professional can assess the condition of each earring, and remove any residue.”

How can you protect your earrings?

“I prefer to keep precious or delicate earrings separately in order to prevent scratching and other damage. Some jewellery boxes are designed with separate areas for earrings.”

“If you live in humid areas, it is important to include a small packet desiccant crystals inside the packaging to prevent earrings from tarnishing.”