How to Wear a Suit for Casual Occasions

How to Wear a Suit for Casual Occasions

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It’s a smart decision to make sure you get the most wear possible if you are going to spend a lot of money on your suit. A suit doesn’t have to be worn only for formal events. Modern suits can be used in many different ways. Your imagination is the only limitation.

Remember that a suit isn’t one piece of clothing. This is the first rule to dressing down a suit. Your suit can be worn separately and still look great. You can mix and match your suit with any other item in your closet as long as it fits properly.

You’re now ready to rock your suit with the same spirit as your favorite pair of jeans.

The lowdown: How to wear a suit casually

Remember to relax. Get rid of all the accessories and stuffy ties that are often associated with office life. It’s a good idea to remove the top button. Pairing a suit with casual, laidback items is a great way to make it look more relaxed and casual.

  • Knitwear

If you prefer a more formal look, switch out your shirt and tie and wear knitwear or cardigans in the cooler months. You can also layer the knitwear over the top. This is a great way to experiment with texture and color combinations. If you don’t want your suit’s slim silhouette to be ruined, make sure you choose lightweight knitwear. If you want to keep the scheme neutral, you can introduce bolder colours and patterns if necessary.

  • Shirts

You can dress it down for casual occasions, even if you keep your classic shirt. You can ditch the belt, pocket square, and tie for this occasion. Your own accessories are better than any formal frills. A pair of sunglasses or a piece of interesting jewellery can add effortless cool to your outfit. You can also play with the shirt. You can choose a bolder pattern or color, or change the material to something that is more commonly associated with casualwear (jersey or chambray),

  • T-shirts

It’s easy to dress down a suit by adding a tee. A good selection of basic tees should be in your wardrobe. While solid neutral colours are the best option, you should also consider more unusual combinations of colors and graphic t-shirts. You can add an edge to casual t-shirts with well-chosen accessories.

  • Singlets

This can only be done with unstructured linen or cotton suits. This will not work with wool work suits. The most casual option is to pair your suit with a singlet. You can use the same t-shirt guidelines: choose a plain, coloured, or printed t-shirt, and then jazz up your look with accessories such as scarves, sunglasses pocket squares, jewellery and sneakers. This is the James Furness Special. Please be careful.

What to do with the bottom half?

Now it’s time for the bottom half. Fashion-conscious men like you know that shoes can make or break an outfit. So it’s important to choose the right shoes. These are the finishing touches you need to complete your suit.

  • Boots

Fashion has become more flexible about the acceptable footwear for a suit. Boots are in. The Chelsea boot line is chic and elegant. A military or hiking-inspired boot, however, can look very cool if the colours are coordinated well.

  • Sneakers/Plimsolls

Sneakers can make a suit look a lot more stylish. There are so many options in the sneaker market, so you can have fun with them. You can choose something simple like a Converse or something more flashy like Kanye West would wear. Both options work depending on how casual you choose to dress. Want more?

  • Belts or no belts

A belt is not necessary if your pants fit properly (and if they don’t, it’s time to reevaluate some of your priorities). It can be saved for work. If you don’t feel comfortable losing it, choose a style that complements the casual look of the outfit. You can think of leather, rope, canvas, and D-ring belts. You are encouraged to use colours.

How to wear a suit jacket and a blazer

More texture suit jackets are more comfortable to wear casually so they make great separate blazers. As a rule of thumb, suit jackets made from fine fabrics such as wool should be worn with matching trousers.

Is it okay to wear a suit jacket and jeans?

It all depends on the fabric texture of your suit jacket. Jeans can be worn with tweed and flannel suit jackets. Make sure that the jeans are well-fitted and dark.

What is the best way to wear sneakers with a suit?

A pair of skinny and laidback sneakers can be paired with your tailored suit. You will look better in chunky sneakers if you wear a suit that is a bit looser and more fashion-forward.