Style tips for men 30+

Style tips for men 30+

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The fashion for men has changed with each season, but there are the same rules for dressing appropriately for men of a particular age. While we know that you guys love to experiment in your 20s and 30s, your 30s are an excellent time for the propriate style. You aren’t at 40 to look much older, but you are still in middle-style.

We have listed the top men’s fashion trends for the year. These will continue to be in style for many years, and will help you look your best in your 30s. These are the key items to change in the wardrobe for men in their 30s to reflect fashion trends. It is better to invest in quality than quantity.

The 30s men’s fashion

Avoid the prints and opt for simple patterns

Stop experimenting with prints of all kinds and mixing them. This is the time to invest in a classic style that will last a lifetime and suit your style preferences. Get rid of all the multi-patterned T-shirts and pants. For the best men’s fashion looks in the 30s, opt for plain patterns such as Plaids or Checks.

A decent Checks shirt can be paired with jeans or chinos in a classic or colder color. Remember that the pattern lines stripes do not need to be large but close together, so they don’t distract the eyes.

Invest in Solids

Men have many solids, and dressing up in a solid like a navy blue or white is a great way to accelerate your look. You can wear tailored suits in full-white or blue denim with a denim shirt that is a shade lighter or darker than the suit. For parties, a Burgundy Blazer with a red silk shirt makes a great choice. Bright colors work well with darker shades. If you are able to slay this look with perfect darker shades, avoid fluorescent hues and brighter colors.

Select the Bottoms

You can still wear Jeans all your life. If you add a few classic styles to the mix, then denim in a classic color like blue is a great choice. Darker blue or grey jeans, beige or camel cotton pants, chinos are great choice. You can leave the printed shorts and half-pants out. Also, avoid the shorts that are too short.

The skinny fit is not your style when it comes to patterns and cuts. Tapered pants and straight-legged are better options. You can either fold them at your ankles, or tie them in your boots. Plants that aren’t too cut out or have distressed styles will work well. A dominant or smaller portion of the plant is sufficient.

Top wear for Men

Get style inspiration from Hollywood celebrities over 30 years old. They are experts at choosing the right T-shirts and shirts to wear for vacations or casual occasions. For formal events or parties, a combination of T-shirts with a round or plain neck in neutral tones or greys is a good choice. For outdoor events, vacations and holidays, polo shirts are a classic and comfortable choice. Wear shirts in earthy and blue tones, as well as the black-white range. Red can also be worn with darker coats, and brick-red in prints or checks is acceptable.

Style with layers

This age group has a style rule. Layering classic, tailored pieces is the way to go. Long, calf-length, or knee-length coat in browns and caramel. Button-style ones make a great blazer for semi-casual and party wears. For a more formal look, add a waistcoat to your casual shirts or formal shirts. In winter, add a muffler or a classic-cut leather jacket. These are the most in-demand pieces this year.

Shoes and Accessories

Sporty looks are still popular for men. You can wear sneakers and sports shoes right to the event. The style also can be paired with loafers or formal shoes in dark browns or tans. Your shoes should match your belts. You can style your watch with casual, business or formal wear. Both a watch with a metallic or leather strap is essential.