A guide on squoval nails and how to file them on any length of nail

A guide on squoval nails and how to file them on any length of nail

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The squoval nail is a hot trend. This trendy nail shape is a hit with celebrities and influencers. Squoval nails look more feminine than square and are flattering on all skin types.

A manicure is a decision that must be made. Are you looking for nail art? What about a bright or pastel nail polish? What about the shape of your nails? It’s a good idea to research before you go and browse through nail art inspirations. For nail shape inspiration, you might want to consider the famous squoval.

Squoval nails can be found somewhere in between oval and square. “Squoval nails are a very popular shape and a favourite among nail techs too,” Sophie Louise Martin, luxury gel manicurist and natural nail specialist says. “It’s the perfect shape for creating an effortless, chic manicure.”

Also, it’s easy to DIY. We provide a step-by–step guide for creating squoval nails at home. You’re welcome!



Squoval is the best of all nail shapes. Squoval is a middle ground between square and round. Juanita Huber Miller-Millet, founder of Townhouse London nail salon, says that the squoval nail shape has a square shape with soft, rounded edges. “That’s why it’s such a crowd pleaser.”

Juanita says, “It takes a boldness of the square edge but combines it with softness of oval corners.” Juanita says that the oval shape is becoming more popular in salons because of its sophisticated appearance and “the fact it suits most hands, nail trends, and polish colors.”


This look is great for any length of nails. However, a squoval shape looks especially good with short nail designs. Huber-Millet confirms that “it’s a shape which works well for all nail lengths,” as opposed to almond, stiletto and ballerina shapes, which are more suited for longer nails. Martin says the best length for a square shape is one that is neat and short with a little extra length above the smile line.


Squoval nails can be worn in different lengths and are compatible with all colors. Huber-Millet says that squoval nails look great with both light and dark colors. Martin adds that he loves classic colors like vibrant reds and dark purples for squoval nails.

It is the ideal shape for nail art. Huber-Millet says, “We love to brighten it up with nail arts as well – The squoval sides provide greater surface area for stunning designs.” This is good news for anyone who wants to try French tip nails. Martin says that squoval nails have a structural advantage over square or oval nails. “Ovals can be weak in the middle because they lack the support from the corners while squares can catch at the corners, causing chips.” The perfect middle ground is the squoval.


The squoval shape’s other benefit is its ease of use at home. Huber-Millet says that all you need to make squoval nails is a pair of nail clippers, a buffer and a file. This step-by-step guide will help you:

Step 1: “Use your scissors to trim straight across your nails, creating a square shape at the desired length,” Huber-Millet says. Skip this step if your nails are already very short.

Step 2: Martin says to use his nail file to file across the top of each nail and along the sidewalls. This will create the perfect square. Huber-Millet adds that it is always better to file in long strokes than in a sawsaw motion.

Step 3: Martin says, “Using long, gentle strokes to get to the center of the nail, remove the sidewall and round the edges with your file.” Huber-Millet adds, “This will remove any sharpness.”

Top tip: Martin warns, “Only do it a few times. You don’t want the nail to become a round shape.”

Step 4: Take a buffer and lightly buff off any frayed edges.