The Best Eyeliner Based on Your Eyes Color

The Best Eyeliner Based on Your Eyes Color

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Black eyeliner is a staple makeup color for every woman. However, it’s not your only choice. Although the dark, inky color is great for defining your eyes and creating stunning feline flicks, it doesn’t have the same depth and sparkle as colored eyeliners. Although they may seem a little scary to use, eyeliners in green, purple, grey and brown can transform your eyes beyond a tired black rim. Some colors can enhance, brighten, redefine, or change the look of your natural eye color. You only need to choose the right color for you eyes, and your eyes will glow with new life.

Eyeliner for brown eyes

Brown eyes can look good with almost all eyeliners, but they work best with brown. For a subtle and pretty look, choose earthy brown shades that match your eyes. They can be used to define your face with a soft touch by lining your waterline. Warm amber colors will look amazing on your eyes and give your face a golden glow.

Contrasting colors will make your eyes appear brighter and lighter. Browns can make your eye color look richer than it actually is. You can bring out the golden flecks and lighter brown in your eyes with eyeliners made of cobalt, midnight blue, vivid purple, grey, and cool charcoal. Your eyes will pop with a contrasting color. For a subtler effect, you can try just lining the waterlines of your eyes if you aren’t sure about bolder colors. Dark blue eyeliners will give you the same effect as black, but with a softer look. For a unique twist, you can try a cat-eye look using a navy pencil instead of a black one.

Eyeliner for Hazel Eyes

Because hazel eyes are a mix of green and brown tones, different eyeliners can alter their natural appearance. You can pick the color of your eyeliner that you wish to highlight. Eyeliners in green, such as olive and emerald, will highlight the green tones of hazel eyes. Hazel eyes’ natural brown tones will be highlighted by chocolate eyeliners. Warm browns, such as chocolate, and golden metallic eyeliners, including bronze or copper, will bring out the brown tones of hazel eyes and create a yellow-gold glow.

Line your eyes with a rich brown or green eyeliner for a glamorous look at night. You can add a little extra glow to your eyes by using gold eyeliner at the corners and the middle of your lids. You can also use a gold liquid eyeliner to line your upper lid. This combination will brighten up your eyes and highlight their multi-colored beauty.

Eyeliner for Blue Eyes

Complementary rich, warm colors make blue eyes stand out. Blue eyes will appear brighter when they are surrounded with colors that have orange undertones like copper or gold. Warm metallic tones can pick up gold flashes from blue eyes’ iris, making them appear brighter. Line blue eyes with metallics by using a pencil to draw around the edges of the eyes and keeping the liner near the lashline. Warm colors such as champagne, terracotta and warm brown are good choices for blue eyes.

Warm colors may not have as much impact on your eyes, so use them in the inner corners and add a black liner around the lids. Cool colors, like emerald and navy, can make a big impact on blue eyes. If you want your blue eyes darker, use navy. Emerald is for highlighting golden flecks.

Eyeliner for Green Eyes

Red and green are opposites on the color wheel. This makes them complementary colors that can be used together. The color theory explains why green eyes are more vibrant when paired up with complementary red-based eyeliners. To complement green eyes, try a brown or red-based bronze liner. For women with green eyes, burgundy and mahogany make great brown-hued liner options. These colors will make a big impact on your eyes and avoid the flattening effect black eyeliner can have for light eyes. Before applying red-based eyeliners to the lid, make sure you line it in black.

Red-based eyeliners are best for green eyes. However, purple-based colors can also be great. For green eyes, purple eyeliners in colors such as aubergine and plum will be the best. This unique combination of colors will give your eyes a beautiful, feminine look that brings out their earthy green tones.

Eyeliner for Grey Eyes

Eyeliner can be used to highlight your unique color if you are one of the few with grey eyes. Cool grey eyes look great when paired up with warm, rich colors of eyeliner. Applying eyeliner to grey eyes’ lashes and water lines will make them look even more appealing. These shades will enhance the warmth of your eyes and make them appear richer than usual. A silver or pearly white liner is a good choice if you want to highlight your dark eyes rather than hide them. These liners will bring out your eye color and make your eyes look brighter than usual.