How to Find Your Perfect Vintage Clothes Online – Just like Celebs

How to Find Your Perfect Vintage Clothes Online – Just like Celebs

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Vintage shopping can be a daunting task, whether your wardrobe contains a few pieces from every decade since your grandparents passed away, or you only have clothes from your favourite high-street brand.

While some may find this thrilling, others might not. You may be interested in learning that vintage shopping has never been easier with the advent of online platforms such as Instagram. This is especially important considering that fashion is more mindful than ever. It doesn’t matter if you add anything to your wardrobe. But, something that has already had a life is more sustainable. This is only true if you treat it as a treasured possession and not as a passing fashion trend.

Zendaya is another endorsement. Her character Rue Bennett, in the latest episode of Euphoria, wore vintage Jean Paul Gaultier. At the premiere, she did a similar thing, arriving in a Valentino black-and-white dress (circa SS92). Zendaya is a vintage lover and has been a household name over the years. She wore Versace SS03 at last year’s BET Awards. The purple number was a tribute to Beyonce who wore almost the exact same dress in her legendary performance at the 2003 awards.

There’s always been a desire to wear vintage on the red carpet. Olivia Rodrigo is also a big fan of Jennifer Aniston. She arrived at the White House in July 2021 and was ready to discuss the importance of being vaccinated.

If we are talking about retro, Rihanna is the ultimate ambassador for old being new. A vintage Dior jacket by John Galliano was one of the year’s most popular, worn with tie-dye trousers in a white croptop and a white coat.

A Chanel AW96 pastel tweed coat was also available, which she paired with a John Galliano blue beaded choker. Marie Laboucarie runs Nina Gabbana Vintage’s online vintage shop from Paris. Laboucarie posted the following Instagram message: “Wow, this is by far my favorite thing this year,” ‘Rihanna guys, RIHANNA!! I sold her this gorgeous choker made of blue pearls by Dior by Galliano a while back. How stunning is she looking in it!”

Although many vintage shops sell online, and a lot of vintage clothing has been sold on platforms like Etsy and eBay for a long time, Instagram has allowed smaller independent sellers to make a decent living while keeping overhead costs low. These sellers may be individuals, some with a large following, who source, model and sell vintage pieces. In addition to Instagram accounts that function as shop windows and link back to an online store and Florrie Thomas and Daisy Murray, both fashion journalists with thousands upon thousands of followers, are selling vintage finds through Instagram. They encourage people to browse and purchase via Stories.

You can find pre-loved designer pieces at a price that doesn’t break the bank if you keep an eye on ASOS Marketplace. It’s home to many boutiques that sell verified luxury items. The Rare Edit is a limited-edition collection of vintage designer pieces. The prices of Fendi T-shirts, Dior bags, Celine jewellery and Chanel sunglasses are all very affordable. Everything is hand-picked to make the edit as exciting and interesting as possible.

Although ASOS does not usually announce Rare Edit launches before they go live, it is worth following @asosmarketplace for updates.