Read This Before Getting Feathered Haircut

Read This Before Getting Feathered Haircut

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A new haircut is one of the best things you can do to feel refreshed. You can choose to cut your hair to look sexier, go with a trend like curtain bangs or just trim it. It’s all up to you.

Celebrities like Princess Diana and Farrah Farrah Fawcett have favored feathered hair for many reasons. This style flatters all hair lengths.

We decided to call two celebrities hairdressers to discuss feathered cuts. They explain what it is, how to style it and what questions to ask your stylist next time you visit the salon.

What is a Feathered Haircut and How Does It Work?

Castillo, a Matrix ambassador and celebrity hairdresser, explained that the style once known as “Farah Fawcett”, is actually a style with layers that cascade into each other. He says that the style is similar to a shag, but has a more uniform finish. It has a great vibe. The wind blows through your layers, and the weightless ends mimic the feathers of birds.

Are Feathered haircuts for everyone?

Castillo says this cut is suitable for all types of hair and face shapes. Castillo originally said that this cut was for straight hair. But, the sky is the limit.

Justine Marjan, celebrity hairdresser and TRESemme global stylist, suggests that the layers be feathered towards ends to prevent bulky appearances. “Also, make sure they taper towards ends to frame the face,” she says.

How do you style a feathered haircut?

Spray your hair from the roots to the ends with hair spray. Marjan says that she likes the TRESemme One Step Volume Mist for thicker hair.

Castillo recommends that you blow dry your hair using a round brush. Make sure to keep your blowout away form your face for a full feathered effect. Matrix’s Vavoom Extended Full Freezing Spray provides extra volume and hold. It has a 24-hour resistance to humidity and shine.

You might be interested in trying a feathered hairstyle for yourself. Below are our top picks:

  • Farrah Fawcett

Farrah was the icon that started this trend and made it famous — she knew how to rock a lewk.

  • Viola Davis

This lob-length, lightly feathered look stunned the First Lady actress at the 2020 SAG Awards.

  • Princess Diana

Our style icon, Princess Di, was a princess of our hearts and wore a shorter version of the feathered look throughout her life.

  • Selena Gomez

Castillo loves this feathered look. Castillo says that the feathered layers added dimension to her round face by adding short, feathery layers. This feathered cut is perfect for curly-haired friends.

  • Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson, style icon and ultimate teenage dream Janet, wore this short feathered look during her early days of fame.

  • Cindy Crawford

Castillo says, “I love her feathered look. It’s fun, fresh and appropriate for everyday life. I think this hair will look great on day two, three or four.” He also said that keeping the layers longer gives her the right shape to highlight her jawline.