How to Get a Natural-Looking Spray Tan on Darker Skin

How to Get a Natural-Looking Spray Tan on Darker Skin

24.09.2021 Off By manager_1

We talked to esthetician who advocates tanning for darker skin and asked them how to get the most from the spray tan, especially on darker skin. Here is what they shared:

  • Do not choose the darkest color

“Many people believe that if you have darker skin, you should go for the darkest. But it is all about what you end up with,” Sophie Evans, St. Tropez Tanning Expert. Do you want to look like someone has just returned from a weekend or two weeks of vacation? This conversation is essential in order to achieve the best results. Sophie recommends using the vacation analogy to discuss the type of tan that you desire. However, you can also raise concerns about ashiness or tan lines. Abigail settled on the express tanning formula, which she used two times to get a “subtle glow”.

  • There are some things you might need to customize

Every spray tan product is different. DHA, a sugar found in sunless tanning products, reacts with the proteins in skin cells to make them darker. This creates the tanned look. You can customize the color and how long you leave the solution on the skin. “My ‘gradual’ tan may look different than your gradual tan,” Evans tells. To ensure that the color develops properly, patch testing is a good idea. “After leaving my tan for four hours, I rinsed it in a warm (but not hot) water. I took a shower. The bronze seemed to have disappeared completely but the natural glow that I loved initially returned over the next day.”

  • Attention to Hyperpigmentation

Because spray tanning works with natural melanin, dark spots can temporarily become darker. Experts recommend that you point out any problem areas to your technician so they can apply a barrier cream. This will prevent the DHA from developing. This is a common trick that’s used on the hands, face, and nipples. These areas often turn darker than other parts of the body. Valet Tans CEO Falen Whipplemore says that sometimes darker areas will too dark. Sometimes, the spray tan solution can make them even more. You won’t know unless you give it a try. It’s possible to always get rid of it! A simple scrub with lemon juice, water and salt can remove dark spots.

  • Preparation is key to a long-lasting spray tan

So that DHA can bond and develop properly, it is important to avoid lotions and other body products on the day of your appointment. To avoid color transfer, wear dark, loose-fitting clothes. Alicia suggests showering, exfoliating and shaving before applying tanning lotion (do it at home).

  • You shouldn’t forget about aftercare

Regular moisturizing and avoiding hot showers will prolong the life of your tan. Evans warns oils can cause color loss and should not be used if you are trying to remove an existing tan. Remember that color loss on the hands and faces is more common in people who wash them more often. To maintain a uniform glow, you can apply self-tanning mousse or spray to enhance your tan. However, the full effects should last for at least 10 days.

  • Spray Tans are more difficult to do wrong on darker skin

Spray tans are based on vegetables such as carrots and beets, which is why they often turn orange. Whipplemore says that it is more rare to make mistakes with darker skin because there is a base color. It’s possible to have a red-yellow color, but it’s less likely.

It’s becoming harder and harder to look like a summer vacationer as the heat fades. This, combined with spa-level attention makes spray tanning a service we are adding to our list of must-have monthly beauty services. You can also opt for the less expensive at-home spray tanning sessions by searching the home bronzers.