Understanding TikTok Aesthetic Trends

Understanding TikTok Aesthetic Trends

19.05.2022 Off By manager_1

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While Instagram remains my favorite social media platform, Tiktok is still my favourite when it comes fashion and inspiration. Because of their random algorithm and so many users, I am constantly exposed to style-related videos I would not have otherwise. This has allowed me to expand my horizons so Tiktok is a huge source of style inspiration for me. While we all know about the Y2K aesthetic Tiktok helped to popularize, I wanted to explore other styles. I decided to take a piece of these original styles and give it my own spin. These are some of the most popular Tiktok aesthetics.

Academia: Blazers

The academic trend is very collegiate and stout, so I decided to find a blazer that would be more appropriate. The blazer makes any outfit look more professional and sophisticated than it was before. Pair a neutral blazer (light- or dark-colored) with an ensemble from the same color family to achieve the academia look. The Tiktok style is also known for its pleated skirts and collared shirts.

Cottagecore: Dreamy Dresses

Cottagecore is one of the most popular Tiktok aesthetics, which has been able to make it big on Instagram. This is all about channeling the sweet innocence of “Little House on the Prairie.” Dreamy dresses are what I’m going for, as cottagecore is my favorite style. Although flowing skirts are important, midi-to-maxi dresses can be found with extra details like delicate floral patterns and puff sleeves.

Gloves by Coquette

The coquette aesthetic is next. This is loosely defined to be feminine and flirty. This is a direct translation to items such as corsets and lace. To adapt the coquette style to my personal taste, I will make it a point of adding gloves to certain outfits. This accessory is a micro-trend and lends itself to the coquette lifestyle.

Glam: All Things Embellished

My style falls under the glam category among all these Tiktok aesthetics. This is easy to explain, but glam (or soft glam) is any style that exudes opulence and flashiness. When I want to make an impact, this season I will be opting for embellished pieces. You can go all out with embellished gowns or keep it simple with sequined or crystal embossed accessories.

Blush for Soft Girl

Soft Girl is another Tiktok style you can channel. This look is best achieved with hyper feminine vibes. This trend can be tackled by choosing a predominantly blush-colored outfit. Pastel pink is a great choice for a soft-spoken girl, especially when it comes in the form of a flowing dress or delicate silhouettes.

For that Girl: Matching Sets

The “That girl” Tiktok aesthetic is what I want to emphasize. This style embodies “that girl”, who is always on the go and never loses sight of her health. She drinks green juice, and she lives and breathes yoga. This look is achievable by wearing casual matching sets. “That girl” values simple, stylish outfits as she travels from brunch to the gym.