How to Achieve Liquid Skin Effect for Brown Skin: Comprehensive Guide

How to Achieve Liquid Skin Effect for Brown Skin: Comprehensive Guide

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Glass skin is a hot trend if you are a part of the beauty industry. The K-beauty skin technique, which is hydrating and nourishing, has had a significant impact on how many of our favorite MUAs and estheticians approach their skin. It also inspired numerous products. It is possible to achieve radiant and reflective skin regardless of your skin tone. However, a new trend for Brown skin has emerged: liquid gold skin.

Dewy moisturizers with ingredients that make Brown skin glow are the best ways to boost your complexion. Ayurvedic and Pacific beauty strategist and founder of Love Indus Surbhee Grover share their tips for how to achieve liquid gold skin. Shruthi Rampalli (makeup artist) and Dr. Farhaad Riyaz (docent medical advisor) discuss their secrets.

What is Liquid Gold Skin?

Grover says “Brown skin is what I picture when I think about melted honey, liquid sunshine or liquid gold. We have tones of yellow and brown. Glass skin can also connote pristine perfection, which is sometimes a bit hard to chase.”

Many people with brown skin feel that the trend of glass skin is not well represented. Rampalli says, “If you think about glass skin and search the hashtag, then you will probably see lighter skin tones. It all starts with terminology. The shine of brown skin would look like melted gold if I had to describe it. It is more attractive and easily achievable.”

How can you achieve liquid gold skin?

Our experts suggest a more sustainable routine than the eight-step one. Grover states that beauty hacks are better than a lot of steps. We are often told that it takes 45 minutes to create a smooth, glowing skin look for Brown skin. This is not realistic. There are a few things that liquid gold skin can be broken down into. It must be firm and smooth and even.

  • Exfoliate

The key to creating liquid gold skin is skin preparation. Shruthi states that exfoliation is crucial. Perfect skin does not necessarily mean no pores or texture. It’s all about getting rid of dead skin so that moisture can hug the skin better.

Another important component of skin trends is how to remove facial hair. Grover says that for those who want to remove their peach fuzz mechanical processes such as threading and waxing can cause skin irritation. “Our Velvet:08 Broadway Bright Detox Mask ($58), contains transformative Thanakawood. The Thanaka tree bark has powerful properties to tighten and purify your skin.”

It is possible to use other methods to clean your skin if you don’t want to remove hairs. Shruthi suggests that you can also use a chemical peel to remove any dead skin.

  • Hydration Boost

Although darker skin tones are more susceptible to dryness, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should use heavy creams or thick cleansers. Light hydrating lotions and lotions containing hyaluronic acids are better.

Dr. Riyaz states that hyaluronic acid is a key ingredient in making melanin-rich skin glow and look dewy. It improves skin hydration and smoothens the skin, which helps to prevent premature aging. This ingredient is a key ingredient that helps skin retain up to 1000 times its water weight, making it a water-saving drink for your skin.

  • The Skin Healing Focus

Grover says that skin care can improve softness, smoothness and feel, as well as increase comfort. The Amrutini Transforming Cream ($120) includes vegan ghee which improves skin regeneration. Dr. Riyaz mentions that vegan ghees can be rich in vitamins A, D and O (Omega 6 & 9) and contain PUFAS, EFA (Omega 6 & 9) which can nourish the skin.

  • Pay attention to ingredients

To create liquid gold skin, the skin must be plump and moisturised to give it a natural glow. Grover states that you need to have moisture both inside and out. “Only applying products to the top layer will not give you that bounce.”

Dr. Riyaz says that studies have shown that Black and Brown skin have higher cell layers with greater cell cohesion, which can hinder product penetration. It’s important to layer moisturizing products that retain as much moisture as possible. However, brown skin tends to have more natural oil than skin that is lighter.

Dr. Riyaz recommends products containing ingredients such as squalane or macadamia oils. Dr. Riyaz says that squalane and macadamia oils are very similar to the oil found in the human body. This makes them more compatible and easier to absorb for deep moisturizing the skin and body. The Love, Indus Amrutini Precious Potion ($110), for example, contains squalane from renewable resources to restore skin’s flexibility and suppleness. Sesame oil, avocado oil and shea butter are also great ingredients to make melanin skin look amazing.

Dr. Riyaz notes that shea butter has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and nourishing properties. It also protects skin from free radical damage.

Rampalli suggests a few tried and true hydrating, radiance-boosting skincare items. She says that Summer Friday’s Jet Lag Mask ($63), gives you a moisturizing and hydrating look from the inside, while Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Luxurious Face Oil ($95) creates a radiant look, no matter what skin type you have.

  • Pay attention to important skin concerns

Many brown-skinned people believe that their melanin is sufficient to protect their skin from sunburns. Wearing SPF is essential to maintain that liquid gold glow.

Shruthi admits that she didn’t really know much about sunscreen until after college. “While there is a lot of emphasis on hair care and quality ingredients for your skin, sun protection was not part of our rituals. We didn’t use oil in our hair to protect it. Or turmeric face masks. Although SPF is not something we are taught in our culture, it should be worn for sun protection.”

Dr. Riyaz states that melanin found in dark skin confers a natural SPF rating of 13 while melanin found in fair skin lends a rating of three. He says that this is not much considering dermatologists recommend SFP 30 or higher. People with darker skin should be aware of sun protection because sunburn, sun damage and skin cancers can occur.

People with melanin-rich skin are also concerned about dark circles and hyperpigmentation. Grover states that dark circles are something that people with darker skin tend to have more. “Mulberry is therefore an amazing choice for them. Their radiance-boosting effect is very important. Hyperpigmentation is another problem due to the melanin-rich nature of skin. Mulberry is a common ingredient in many of our products. It slows down production of dark pigment so it helps even skin tone.” Grover states.

  • Develop healthy skin habits

If you want to reap the benefits of liquid gold skin, it’s more than just applying products. You can make your skin glow with daily habits that will help you achieve a radiant complexion. Grover states that massaging the skin improves blood flow and reduces toxins. Rose water can be used to icing the skin under the eyes.

  • Be aware of what to avoid

It is also important to understand which ingredients should be avoided when applying moisturizers to your skin. Dr. Riyaz advises against using moisturizers made with petroleum-derived mineral oils. This creates the illusion of skin hydration and can cause skin to thin over time. Although vegan collagen supplementation is hotly debated, some advocates swear by its plumping properties. However, there’s not enough evidence to support this claim.