Advices on How to Grow Moustache to Make Your Dad Proud

Advices on How to Grow Moustache to Make Your Dad Proud

09.09.2021 Off By manager_1

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Tom Selleck fans, it’s time to finally put your stubble where you mouth is and get the most manly face mask possible: the moustache. For over a decade, the grooming industry has only been lip-service to beards. But this season, it’s time for “nose curtains”. We’ve made a complete guide on how to grow a moustache, including tips and tricks for maintaining it.


Growing a moustache was an old fashion trend. Rakish whiskers were a trend that was started by King Charles in 1600. They graced the faces of men all over the world and reached their peak in the 1930s and 1940s. Leading men like Clark Gable, Errol Flynn, and others opted for them both on-screen as well. The appeal of the armed forces and Hollywood prompted British troops to wear one as part their uniform. This look became popular and was seen as a symbol of tough masculinity and suavity.

The moustache, along with the cane, monocle and bowler hat, were once very popular. However, it was taken over by the adult movie industry in the 1980s. It was soon deemed quaint, unimportant, and at worst creepy. This begs the question: why would you want one? The moustache, just like fashion trends such as the bucket hat and cross-body bag, is undoubtedly in fashion.

It could be because of stylized films like Netflix’s Narcos or The Nice Guys, or perhaps because of the new wave actors who have adopted them, Henry Cavill and James Franco. We are sorry. It’s gaining popularity with the style community and is now slowly creeping down the high streets, one hair at a. So don’t let your lip get left behind.


Use the right TRIMMING TOOLS

You will need either a good beard clipper or a pair facial hair scissors depending on what style you choose. As you would for a full-grown beard, you should trim your hair every three to four weeks to keep any stray hairs under control. This should be done when your moustache has dried. Hair expands and contracts when it is wet and contract to its original length.

To COMB or not to COMB

A moustache comb is a hipster-sounding tool. We’re not suggesting that you use it in public. But, for longer styles, it can be a useful tool, especially to straighten the hairs before trimming. You can use it to style your hair by spreading any wax evenly and directing the hairs in the desired directions.


Although moustache wax is not a must, it can add definition to your ‘tache as well as give individual hairs a healthy sheen. Start with a little bit, comb the product with a comb and add more as needed. If you go overboard, your lips will appear greasy and weighted down.


As you would with your beard or hair on your head it is important to regularly shampoo and condition your moustache. If neglected, facial hair can dry out and become coarse. The skin beneath should be taken care of. For shorter hair styles, apply moisturizer to nourish the skin. For longer hair, use a beard oil. This will penetrate the hair where a thicker moisturizer wouldn’t. Keep it clean. Hair likes clean skin.


These are the products that we recommend to keep your moustache looking great.


To keep your moustache at an ideal length, you will need a trimmer. You can use it to trim hairs on your lips and keep them tidy. A trimmer is also a must-have if you are interested in growing your facial hair.


For shaping your moustache, a small pair of scissors is your best friend. However, you should not get too scissor-happy. This must-have moustache product will give you a precise cut.


A comb is essential for styling your moustache. This is especially true if you are getting ready to trim it. A folding comb is a great option for styling while on the move.


You’ll be thankful to have moustache wax when it comes to keeping your moustache in its place or creating twisted ends. A little bit of this product will give you an all-day hold that will keep your moustache hairs where they belong.


Use a few drops of beard oil daily to reduce the appearance of scraggly moustache hairs. Your moustache will smell great and it’s located below your nose, so you’ll feel it. Don’t go overboard or your moustache will look greasy. You may want to try beard balm if you already have naturally oily skin.