How to grow your hair long (for men)

How to grow your hair long (for men)

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Your hair should be long enough to wear. Like beard styles that require specific hair growth methods, hairstyles that require different hair types also require special hair growth.

For guys with thick hair, the long hairstyle works best. Long hairstyles for thin or fine hair can make them look unattractive and stringy.

A man with long hair will not look good if he’s losing it. Many men who lose their hair decide that now is the right time to let it grow. My advice: . . do not do that. The longer the hair grows, the more it pulls on the hair due to the extra weight. This leads to more scalp exposure which can accentuate the hair thinning.

If your hair is thicker than average and your hair is not falling out, you might be a candidate for long hair. A buzz cut or a shorter haircut is a good option for those with thin hair.

To prepare your hair for the process, visit a barber or stylist before you begin growing your hair. The biggest mistake men make when growing long hair is not going to the barber. They look dreadfully ragged, like they haven’t seen a barber for a while. He says there is a big difference between cutting your hair and having it done for months.

Your barber can help you grow your hair if you’re deciding to do so. Barbers can begin to ‘prep’ your hair for longer-term growth by cutting it in a particular way so it doesn’t look messy as it grows out. Your barber can adjust your cut as your hair grows to make it lay better and look better.

Thad is a barber, a licensed hairdresser who can use clippers to cut close-cropped hair. He’s also a trained stylist who’s skilled in using scissors. If you are a long-haired man, it might be worth switching to a hairstylist instead of a barber. Although barbers are skilled in cutting short hair, they don’t have much experience with long hair. Thad suggests that hairstylists have more experience with the hair growth process.

For a trim, visit your barber/stylist at least every two months. You should still visit your barber once every two months if you are growing your hair. Thad explained to me that we want you to look professional and not as if you are cutting your hair. Regular visits to your barber will allow him to tidy up your hair and make any necessary adjustments.

It is a lot like growing your hair. It is a process of letting your hair grow, pruning it, letting it grow again, and then pruning it again, growing, growing, and more. You will need to trim it every now and again until you get to the desired length.

You can keep your hair looking great while it grows out. Regular visits to the barber can also help you get styling advice and manage your long hair.

How to Care for and Style Longer Hair

Although longer hair can be associated with a more relaxed, bohemian lifestyle and you will need to cut it less often, you’ll soon discover that managing your hair on a daily basis is more difficult than maintaining a shorter style. If you want your hair to look neat and tidy, at least. Your styling routine will be longer and may look different. These are some things Thad has taught me about how to care for longer hair.

  1. Drying your hair takes longer. My hair was shorter so I could just get out of the shower and give it a quick rub with a towel before I started styling. My longer hair requires me to take a while to pat and squeeze my hair with a towel, until it is dry.
  2. Brush your hair. My Don Draper ‘do was all I used to do my hair. I just combed my hair into the part. To remove kinks and clumps in longer hair, you will need to brush it multiple times as Marcia Brady.
  3. A paddle brush is a great option if you don’t already have one. You can learn more about the best brushes and combs to suit different types of hair here.
  4. Do not blow-dry your hair. To speed up drying, I tried blow-drying hair. My hair became very poofy. It looked like a Troll Doll. Thad does not recommend that men with long hair do their hair. Thad said that it takes too much time and leaves the hair looking polished, which is not what most men want when they cut their hair.
  5. Dry hair is the best. It looks more like a Jheri curled when it’s wet. If I have an important place to go, I need to remember that my hair will dry for hours. I also need to plan when I will shower.
  6. Your styling products may need to be changed. Thad says that the products and methods you use to style your hair for long or short periods of time can change dramatically. I tend to use lighter styling products, such as sea salt/texture sprays or leave-in conditioning. Thicker styling pomades can cause hair to become clumpy.
  7. Conditioners can be used to improve curls and waves on curly or wavy hair.
  8. Thad recommends that you experiment with longer intervals between shampooing long hair. Try shampooing your hair only one to two times per week. He said that it makes your hair shiner and healthier, as you don’t wash away natural oils. Your hair may not need to be washed every day, but a quick rinse with water is enough. My hair looks better if it’s been a few days since my last shampoo.
  9. Dry shampoos can be helpful for oily hair. To avoid flaking and dandruff, make sure your scalp is moisturized.
  10. For styling long hair, your hands are the best combs. After towel drying my hair, I apply the product to my hair with my hands. I then use a brush to smoothen my hair and ensure that there are no knots or tangles. My fingers are what I use to style my hair. Thad said to me, “Your fingers can be your best combs when you have long hair.”