How to look stylish while keeping a diet or losing weight

How to look stylish while keeping a diet or losing weight

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It can be difficult to balance your fitness goals with your style goals. It’s not ideal to constantly buy new clothes but you also don’t want your clothes to be worn 24/7.

What do you do?

There are some principles that you can use to make sure you look great in clothes.

1. The “10 Pound Rule” is a good rule of thumb

One clothing size for every 10 lbs.

This rule is not perfect, but it has been proven to be effective in my personal experience of losing weight during my wedding and with a few clients who have lost weight.

If you are reducing your weight by 1-2 lbs per week, it is possible to estimate that you will need new clothes about every 5-10 weeks.

2. Relax about the fit rules

This is one of those rare occasions when I will give you a pass on your fitness. Clothes can be replaced. The body you have can’t.

Did your pants feel a bit looser and you lose 5lbs of pure fat? Bravo! Enjoy the rewards of your hard work by wearing a belt. If you are a size or two too big, it is time to shop for a new size. Consider shopping for a larger size.

And speaking of which…

3. Do not buy clothing in “aspirational sizes”

Purchase clothes that will make you feel good now. I get rid of any “aspirational”, or outworn, clothes in a client’s closet.

Why? They’re wasting valuable closet space and making you feel terrible about your appearance. Additionally, I have found that most people don’t know how their bodies will change.

Let me tell you. My trainer, told me that I wanted to reach 165lbs for the wedding. What was the weight that I reached to look my best? I weighed 176 lbs, which is 11 lbs more than my goal weight. I have worked with men of all sizes and shapes. You’ll be able to find flattering clothes for every size, and you will feel more confident.

You can look good now. Don’t waste money on clothes you don’t need in the future.

4. Spend less, but don’t go cheap

If you need to replace jeans in a few months, it doesn’t make financial sense to spend hundreds of dollars on jeans. This is why I suggest spending less but not being too cheap.

What is the difference?

Focusing on value is better than spending less. Uniqlo supima tees fit great and feel great for $15. These t-shirts are a great deal.

Cheap is not focusing on the price. H&M sells tees for $5, even though they are very affordable. They feel like crap, but you can get three H&M t-shirts for the same price as one Uniqlo shirt.

Trust me, after shopping professionally for over a decade, you will find high quality products at any price point. It is equally important to feel good about your clothes.

Take pleasure in all the hard work you do at the gym or in the kitchen. Shop smarter.

5. What about tailors?

In an earlier version of this article, I suggested that you hire a tailor to alter your clothes as you lose weight. This is a great way to reduce waste and consume.

These can be costly and time-consuming. If you feel that you are not meeting your goals, I suggest you take a step back and relax about the fit rules. Then donate your clothes to charity when they are replaced.

Let’s sum it all

Relax! That’s ok! Reduce your clothing spending as they are likely to be replaced soon. Focus on value and spend less.

Remember the 10lb rule. For every 10 lbs you lose, you can expect to shrink approximately 1 size in clothing.

As motivation, buy clothes that fit your actual body. Look good in the size that you have now.