How to Wear Sandals in Fall

How to Wear Sandals in Fall

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black leather open toe sandals

The October issues are now available and technically it is autumn. We’re not ready for autumn yet. This time of year is usually mild with the exception of occasional rainstorms and forecasts for sun. You can still make the season flirty in some of the world parts by wearing sandals and taking advantage of the warmer weather. You can still style your Bottega mules or Chanel it-shoes with a few clever styling tricks, even in the cold. Here are some tips to make your favorite heels look even more stylish in cold weather.


Socks and sandals are very much in fashion, whether you like it or deny it. This is a great way to keep your feet warm and stylish. For a Prada-esque look, pair gauzy socks and chunky ankle socks with dad sandals or knee-highs with retro inspired platforms. To avoid being too eccentric, keep the rest of your outfit simple. You can find more details about sassy socks styling on internet.


You can keep your toes exposed with silky, cuffed cargo pants with a pair The Row flatforms or wide-leg suit trousers with a barely there heel. Balance bare feet with a well-concealed limb. You’ll be protected from the cold. Except if your flared pants have been cut. In which case, you can expose all.


The weather in fall is unpredictable. You can keep warm in sandals with chunky flats if you pair your favorite chunky flats and chic layers like cashmere, turtlenecks, heavy knits and cashmere with slip dresses or palazzo pants. The Malone Souliers feather-trimmed heels look amazing with a silk skirt, heavy knitwear and a silk skirt. Layers are a way to compensate for cold piggies. It’s the juxtaposition of a layered look and an open toe that makes it super chic.


Don’t believe everything you think/ you know. You can wear tights with sandals. It’s a fashion trend at Celine, Balenciaga, and Miu Miu. Try the kitschy Gucci patterned tights. Black semi-sheers can be paired with black sandals or The Attico’s party footwear in striking jewel tones. To avoid a phalange appearance, look for tights that don’t have darker, reinforced toes. Your deliberately chosen alternative look will be ruined by the seams.


It’s essential to have a backup plan in case of unexpected weather. You can always rely on a close-toed alternative if you have an event or are outfit planning. When you are out and about, keep a pair of trainers or boots handy. In case of an emergency, it’s a good idea to have a backup pair of shoes.