How to Transform Your Closet Into a Boutique-feel room

How to Transform Your Closet Into a Boutique-feel room

04.01.2022 Off By manager_1

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It’s the perfect time of year to simplify your closet and your life, as well as to make your closet look more boutique-like. A wardrobe/closet that’s organized, attractive, functional, and filled with things you love is a great way to start your day…and your entire year. These are some simple tips to transform your closet into a boutique.

How to Make Your Closet Look Boutique-like

This post will cover all the methods you can use to transform your closet into a boutique. But if you want to build a wardrobe from scratch, my ebook is for you. This is the best time to start from scratch!

Although we don’t mean to brag, people have always commented on our cloffice (closet + desk) and said “Wow! It’s like I’m in a boutique!” This compliment is very high and we felt that we had enough knowledge to write about the subject.

Outerwear, Shirts and Vests

  • Velvet hangers

Velvet hangers are not very expensive but they will make your clothes feel like a million dollars. These would be so much better than mismatched plastic hangers. Much, much better.

We like the following colors: beige (or pink), gold (or black). We want to be elevated, sophisticated, and/or soothing. You don’t need to use loud colors. This is unless you are looking for boutique style. These are the ones that we own. They are our favorite! 

  • Tables for folded sweaters

One thing you’ll see a lot at boutiques is sweaters folded on tables. It’s there for shoppers to have easy access, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it to make your more expensive sweaters last longer.

You can display your finest sweaters on beautiful tables you find. A console table  could be a good option.

  • Shoes

Shoes thrown in a pile at the bottom of the closet is something we want to avoid. It can be an eyesore and cause wear to your shoes. It can also cause you to be unsure of what shoes you are wearing.

You can stack your shoes on a bookcase or a rack. To clarify, we don’t mean a boring or unattractive shoe rack. The flimsy door hangers are not what we mean! 

Also, don’t forget to bring your boot shape holders! These will instantly elevate your boots. They are my favorite and so simple to use.

Our shoes are not displayed in the cloffice because we found a small space and were able build a shoe rack. Make something unique if you have the space!


  • Jewelry

You want your jewelry to be easy to see and grab so you can easily accessorize your look on the way out of the door. You can think pretty trays, glass boxes and necklace holders. These pretty display cases can be placed on a console table or bookshelf. This makes it easier to use and see, plus jewelry can double as decor!

  • Hats

To clear up space and make things easy to see, try to put your hats on the wall! Hooks or an organizer are options. You may also try some other creative wall ideas.

Jeans, pants and basic clothes don’t need to be displayed (unless they are your favorite), so we are going to assume that every day clothes have a place.

We can now move on to the fun part, decor! Decor is the last step in making your closet feel boutique-like. It’s like most things, it all comes down to the details. These are the details that you must not miss:

1. Statement rug

It’s amazing! The rug can be used to express your personality or tie the room together. It could be an animal print, bold color, fur or a unique pattern.

2. You can add a chair, a bench or an ottoman.

Something that will make you want to get down and put on some shoes! Here’s mine.

3. Fancy chandelier/light

Bonus points if you get a ceiling medallion too! If the chandelier doesn’t suit your taste, you can find a unique light to match your personality. A ceiling fan, or something basic and builder-grade, will do the trick.

4. Ornate mirror

A mirror is a great way to feel like you’re in a boutique. Spend more if you want something glamorous. Spend more to get something larger. There are no behind-the-door mirrors! To really make an impact, you need a floor-length mirror. Floor mirrors large in size are expensive. I am still trying to find the courage to buy one.

5. Clothing rack

It is more than a decorative piece. It can be used to organize your outfits and remind you what you need to wear.

6. Mannequin

Just for entertainment! If you really wanted to, you could try on your clothes first on the mannequin.

7. Wall art

You should not forget your wall art. However, it’s best to leave out family photos in this area. Look for prints that are fashion-forward and designer inspired to give the room a boutique vibe. If you don’t like fashion, it doesn’t necessarily have to be. You have the option to go abstract, modern, vintage, or travel. If you’re able to, display them along with cool shopping brands/boxes/bags.

To get even more ideas, you can shop in-store at Anthropologie and Francesacas. But all or part of these ideas can transform any room into a boutique that is high-end.