How to Make Your Dress Up Game More Fun with Covet Fashion Tips and Tricks

How to Make Your Dress Up Game More Fun with Covet Fashion Tips and Tricks

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Covet Fashion will suit your style perfectly if fashion and creativity are your passions. You can shop and style virtual clothes and accessories from top brands like Calvin Klein, Rachel Zoe and Badgley. This game lets you create your virtual closet and gives you the opportunity to transform your avatar with hundreds of amazing makeup and hairstyles.
You must dress your avatar in the appropriate clothes according to the requirements.

Your fellow players will vote on which avatars are the most fashionable on the fashion circuit. You can win clothes and cash if you score 4 or higher. Your closet value will increase with every purchase of a garment. This allows you to progress in the game.

It isn’t about achieving 4-5 star looks, but running out of money. If you are willing to spend cash, it’s simple. But if your budget is tight, there are many tips and tricks that can help you improve your gaming experience.

  • Join a Fashion House

You have many benefits if you’re a member of a fashion house. Ask your friends for their advice and you can save a lot of money by borrowing accessories or clothes from your fashion house.

Sometimes, your request may be denied due to strict fashion houses. If you are not at the right level, they will not allow you to join. This shouldn’t discourage you. Instead, continue your search for fashion houses. If you don’t find one you can create your own.

  • Borrow clothes from friends

You can save your progress and borrow clothes from your Facebook friends by linking your game to your Facebook account. Awesome, right? You can only borrow the most costly item once per day.

  • Collect Daily Rewards

Each day you will be rewarded with 100 diamonds or 20 tickets. The diamonds can be used to purchase tickets or garments. You can also use tickets to enter challenges.

To earn more tickets, even if you don’t have enough diamonds, you can vote for the appearances of past challenges. For every five votes cast, you will get two tickets.

  • Take part in the daily challenge

If you are short on cash, you can enter the 500 Challenge. This is the only challenge that rewards you with $500 and other wardrobe items. It doesn’t require you to wear clothing, so you don’t have to buy any.

  • Enter Jet Set Challenges

The Jet Set Challenge is one of the highlights of the game. You have to design your avatar based on where she is at the moment.

The Jet Set challenge has a few positive points. It is very easy to win, and the requirements are simple. You will need to score at least 4 stars in order to win the challenge.

Although the Jet Set challenges do not award a prize, it is worth trying to win. When you have earned enough stars, you will unlock new destinations and be rewarded with 500 diamonds.

  • Maximize your Bonus

Your score is determined by how many other players vote when you participate in an event or challenge. There are two ways to increase your chances of winning the challenge and boost your score.

Wear as many pieces as you can from the current season. You will receive more bonus points if your current season look is of high value.

You can increase your bonus points by borrowing unworn items. Like the items in the current season, you will receive more bonus points if your unworn items are of higher value. To increase your bonus points, you can use even unworn items.

  • Take the Style Spree to the Next Level

Each week, there’s a “Styling Spree” competition that allows you to win high-end wardrobe items. It’s easy to win, as you only need to take part in 28 challenges each day or for a limited time. After completing all 28 challenges, you will receive a reward of an item valued at around $3000 or more. This is a great way for you to increase the value of your closet without spending a lot.

  • Runaway Rally

You can participate in Runway Rally once you have become a member. Runway Rally can be described as a team game. You and your team must complete a board puzzle every month. The only way to get board pieces is to win as many stars as possible!

Your Head of House can start a Rally and a selection of challenges will automatically be a “Rally” challenge. Participating in these challenges will help you earn stars and reach goals.

Remember that your board will reset every month. So make sure you actively participate in Rallies throughout the month. You can win everything from diamonds to hair accessories and exclusive garments.

  • Tap Joys: Take advantage

You’ll find yourself hooked and tempted to purchase diamonds once you have enough. If you are willing to work extra, you can still get them free of charge. Tapjoy is your solution. Tapjoy allows you to make exclusive offers in return for premium currency (which is diamonds). You can download an app, watch ads, and many other tasks.

Pro Tip: Wait until double diamond events are over to get double the diamond rewards on the same offer.