6 Black-Owned brands to add to your daily routine

6 Black-Owned brands to add to your daily routine

23.06.2022 Off By manager_1

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This summer marks the two-year anniversary of George Floyd’s murder by police. The act of police brutality led to a wave protests which finally forced corporations and businesses to take structural action against racism.

Instead of just talking and repeating the same old platitudes, June 2022 will mark a shift in American mainstream culture’s approach to American racism. Large entities finally admitted that they had been complicit in white supremacy and promised to change their internal structures to be more equitable.

How did they do it? What have been the changes made two years after that pivotal summer?

The 15 Percent Pledge was created to help businesses evaluate their progress in making the world more equitable. To align with the fact that Black Americans make up about 15% of the U.S. populace, the company’s premise was to encourage major retailers to dedicate 15% of their inventory for Black-owned businesses.

Aurora James, an entrepreneur best known for her shoe brand Brother Vellies as well as her Met Gala designs (including Solange’s outfits and the iconic AOC Tax the Rich dress), founded the 15 Percent pledge. This grassroots initiative has had a significant cultural impact over its two-year history.

A large number of retailers have pledged to the cause through social media and grassroots outreach. Even more businesses have backed it. In addition to major retailers such as Nordstrom, Macy’s and Ulta, Sephora and Rent The Runway, the pledge was also signed by top fashion and beauty giants like Sephora.

Google partners with the 15 Percent Pledge website to help you locate Black Brands that support black business owners. This site is not just for shoppers, it’s also for business leaders and executives in the industry. We no longer have to say “we can’t locate any Black-Owned brand!”

This site provides leadership with an easy-to use directory. It states, “We know that you are here because you want more Black-owned brands to meet your every day needs. We created the Business Equity Community to provide a list of Black businesses in every industry, including fashion and. Beauty, food, beauty, art, publishing and more!”

This directory contains a wide range of brands from every industry. I’m seeing more BIPOC-founded businesses as I browse online stores and social media. This is partly due to the 15 Percent pledge and similar initiatives.

The 15 Perfect Pledge encourages people incorporate Black-owned brands in their daily lives. This is something that we all should strive for. It’s easy when the products offer such great value.

Here are some lifestyle, beauty and wellness brands that I’ve incorporated into my everyday life through all my browsing.


Golde brings the health benefits of superfoods to everyone. Every nourishing product makes caring for your skin easy and enjoyable. There is something for everyone. They offer a range of products that are made with natural ingredients, which can be eaten, and formulas for all skin types. Glossier grants for Black-Owned Beauty helped to put them on the map.

Their powder masks will give you that summer glow. The Clean Greens Face Mask as well as the Papaya Bright Face Mask are able to restore nutrients to the skin, rather than stripping them of their natural oils. You will be able to achieve that glowing glow people talk about. You can add each dietary supplement to smoothies, coffee, or make your own recipes, such as cakes and waffles.

Hanahana Beauty

You can have a glowing beauty from the inside if you follow the right routine that nourishes your entire body. Hanahana Beauty uses natural, whipped Shea butter to make quality skincare products that nourish and hydrate your skin.

Hanahana was also awarded the Glossier grant. This gives them the recognition that they deserve. Hanahana Beauty was founded by Abena Boamah Acheampong, a Ghanaian American creative entrepreneur and mental healthcare advocate. The brand is committed to transparency and sustainability, and places Black women at its forefront.

Their power duo, the 2-in-1 Body Bar & Shea Body Butter, will make your skin soft and smooth again. Combining these two products is the best way to deep moisturize your skin using pure shea butter.

The Whistling Thorn

What is the one part of our bodies that we have neglected? Our hands. Hands do so much. Constant hand washing with harsh hand sanitizers and hand washing is not only harmful to your hands but can also cause dry, rough hands.

The Whistling Thorn creates products that are easy to use. They can be used all over the body and focus on hands to help you take care of an underserved area. Their Destress Oil is formulated with aromatherapeutic qualities and acts as a quick pick-me up in the middle of the workday. The Sleep Well Drops will help you get deeper, more restful sleep. They were designed with city dwellers and include a brightening, antipollution line for all your skin care needs.


Redoux is a sophisticated range of fragrances that evoke emotion. It combines scent and storytelling to create the feeling of recollection. Asia Grant and Alejandro Villalba, her co-founder, create scents that enhance personal rituals and embody a cross sensory experience. They also draw inspiration from food, art and cultural history.

Redoux aims to keep people in touch with the important things. They create products around shared experiences — love, excitement, and growth. It is modern and nostalgic. It’s smart, but easy to use. Feminine and male. Redoux recognizes that everyone is unique, but his mission is to remind us all that we share a common thread through our lives.


Briogeo is a favorite among beauty lovers with all hair types. Briogeo’s versatile products are nourishing, effective, and can be used by any person with either fine or curly hair. With visually appealing products that work, they make hair care fun again.

Oui The People

Shaving is one of the most common beauty rituals. Razors aren’t the most glamorous beauty tools to purchase. I’d rather talk about my jade roller or gua sha than my razor. Oui The People wants to change this.

They offer high-quality shaving products and razors. They are also dedicated to promoting self-love and beauty. This includes emphasizing how the language we use to describe ourselves can make a huge impact.