The latest fashion trends in styling flared jeans

The latest fashion trends in styling flared jeans

19.07.2022 Off By manager_1

Flared jeans are easy to style. Flared jeans are characterized by their flattering fit that wraps around the waist, bums, and thighs, before extending below the knee to create a bell-bottom shape. Flared jeans can be worn in many different ways. Flares can flatter any silhouette, making them a popular choice for this year’s biggest trend in jeans.

The flared jean was first seen on fashion radar back in the 1960s and 1970s. It is the key to identifying what boho style is. This chic denim silhouette, which has been around for many decades, is back in fashion as part of denim trends 2022. It comes in modern denim fabrics and colors.

Jessica Oldfield, River Island’s denim buyer, says that flares are back and a wardrobe staple. “What makes them a staple? Their leg balancing shape gives the illusion of longer legs, regardless of your height.

Flared jeans are universally flattering and come in a variety of styles, including high, medium, and low rise. Flare jeans are a great choice for pear shapes, large busts, and broad shoulders. They also draw the eyes down from your middle, which helps balance larger busts, wider shoulders, and more prominent pear shapes. They are versatile and can be worn everywhere, from work to the first date. We have all the details about the best flared jeans right now.


Blazers can instantly add style to any outfit. A blazer in neutral or dark tones is the best choice for office wear. It can be worn with classic white shirts and dark-hued flares with no distressing details. A directional bright blazer with a white t-shirt is a great match for blue jeans.

Here’s a styling tip:

Blazers that are too large will be a big fashion trend in 2022. Try a blazer that is two sizes larger than your normal size to test the trend. To avoid appearing overwhelmed, pair it with a fitted shirt or top underneath and don’t hesitate to roll the sleeves.


Gilets and waistcoats can be a stylish and easy way to add a layer of style to your look. Gilets are a big trend right now and we expect them to continue into fall 2022 fashion trends. This makes them an excellent investment piece.

It’s important that you consider how you want to style your gilet with flared pants. You can match your gilet with your jeans in any tone or texture for a coordinated look, or you could opt to wear a contrasting one for a more casual style.

It is important to consider the proportions when styling flared jeans. Flares have a bell-bottom finish so your gilet should be form-fitting.

Here’s a styling tip:

Your gilet can completely transform your outfit. You can leave the buttons out for a casual look, or make them more formal by putting them on. This look can be worn with a blouse or a plain tee in a graphic or block color.


A shirt is a staple in your capsule wardrobe. It’s versatile and easy to style. It’s a wardrobe staple and can be worn with any color of flared jeans. To achieve a more tailored look, you can tuck your shirt in the waistband of your jeans. This will define your waistline and give the illusion that your legs are longer. For a more relaxed look, try this half-tuck. For a relaxed finish, try the half-tuck favorite by fashionistas.

Here’s a styling tip:

Your shirt should be half-tucked if you are conscious of your lower half. For a flattering silhouette, loose styling will show off your body.


It can be very unpredictable right now, so make sure you are prepared. Learn how to style flared jeans and a sweater. This style is easy to master if you don’t overthink it. For a minimalistic look, pair your flares with your favorite sweaters. If you want to keep your silhouette from being distorted by the bell-bottom jeans, choose a flattering fit. For a new look, add some interest by wearing a block-colored sweater in one of the fashion colors trends 2022.

Here’s a styling tip:

You can have a great sweater season after season, so don’t hesitate to buy the finest cashmere sweaters for a luxurious look.


We’re not going to lie if you were put off by iconic looks like Britney Spears or Justin Timberlake. The look is back with ’90s nostalgia being a key fashion trend this season. Double denim doesn’t have to be complicated. You can make the look more manageable by choosing coordinating pieces such as a jacket and matching jeans in the same color. You can mix and match different washes for a more modern look. To keep it simple, pair with white trainers and a basic tee.

Here’s a styling tip:

Double denim is not the only option. Add some style to your look by pairing blue or denim accessories.