How to Tell Your Friends That You and Your Ex Are a Couple Again

How to Tell Your Friends That You and Your Ex Are a Couple Again

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Relationships can be complicated. Sometimes you may find yourself in a romantic entanglement which isn’t completely on or off. You and your partner are in a constant state of flux. They may be sleeping apart, getting back together, or breaking up.

It’s likely that your friends hate you participating in this emotional tug-of-war. No matter how many times you have done it, your friends won’t be happy to see you back with your ex. But you still need to tell them oneday.

  • Don’t lie to your friends

Honesty is the most important thing that you can do. Tell your friends about the relationship as soon as possible, regardless of whether it was toxic or good. This is the simplest way to think about it.

  1. It’s not a good idea to tell lies to your friends. It is not healthy for the relationship.
  2. They will discover anyway.

It’s amazing, think about it. Is their location available on Find My Friends, Snapchat or Snapchat? Are you going out with your reunited man to bars that your friends may spot? Are you planning to post photos of your reunited flame while you are out on holidays or having fun together?

Your friends will eventually find out that you are back with the ex they don’t like, either through social media or in real life. They’ll then be mad at you for not only getting back with the ex, but also being deceitful about it. This is where no one wins.

If you have a history with getting back together and then breaking up again within weeks, it might be embarrassing to tell your friends that you’ve reunited. What number of times can they hear the same story again and again? The better question is how many times can you relive the same story?

  • Don’t lie to yourself

Are your friends right? They don’t. Are they? Do you feel cheated by the person you are getting back together? Are you prone to getting into many fights with your partner?

While you cannot lie to your friends and family, you also can’t lie about yourself. It is easy to get stuck in the same routine and keep going back to the same person over and over again because that’s what you are used to. But, try taking a step back to see things objectively. It might be that your friend’s hesitation to share the news is because they know what you mean.

Do not let the discomfort of this situation make you feel distant from your friends. They are there for you, even if you end up with this person. They will always look out for your best interests and love you. Reuniting with them is possible despite any resistance.

  • This can be done in a group chat

It might seem tempting to wait until you’ve planned a night out with friends before telling them, but there are downsides. Waiting too long allows them to find out what you are up to on their terms. You should also get it over with.

This is an excellent way to do it in a group chat. They can come up with a lot of questions and may even yell at you in person. The group chat is faster and allows for more discussion. If you don’t have a group of friends, you can still communicate with your friends one on one. It is better to text than call. While you are being mature by telling them, you don’t have to give them an entire in-person show. It is your business, not theirs. This news should be delivered casually.

You could send something like “I know that you aren’t the biggest fan but [Name] and me had a small talk the other day, and we’re working things out. It’s a great feeling to know that I can count upon you for support during this. I also promise I will be looking at this situation with all my eyes. I will be safe but wanted to let everyone know what’s happening.”

The conversation should eventually shift to the couple’s love life. Do not let the conversation get on top of your relationship. That’s not healthy. Ask the other person: “Hey, speaking of…what happened to that date you had last Thursday?”

You’ll be able to start talking about yourself and will have solved one of the most difficult issues in a relationship with your ex. Everyone wins.