4 Ways to Untangle a Necklace

4 Ways to Untangle a Necklace

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There are few things in life that are more frustrating than untangling a necklace. Although it might sound a little harsh, untangling necklaces is never easy, no matter how fast and good you are.

It’s not an easy task to untangle a necklace. We may feel that we need to set aside time to deal with this problem. Some people just want to say goodbye forever to their necklace.

We are here to tell that neither one of these scenarios should be your future. It is possible to quickly untangle a necklace without despair and without having to sigh.

You only need a few household supplies, patience, TLC, and the desire to succeed. Let’s get started!

Before we start, it’s important to have a flat surface. This will make it easier to see the tangles of your necklace clearly. Turn on an overhead lamp. Visibility is vital!

Next, take your necklace and unravel it. Spread it out gently. You don’t want any knots to be tightened further. Unclasp the necklace if it is still clasped.

Now, you’re set. You just need to choose from the options below and start untangling necklaces.

1. “Baby” Necklace

You’ll need baby powder, safety pins or needles, and a paper towel.

You can sprinkle baby powder on your necklace. Sprinkle generously. You want to coat the entire necklace. The powder acts as a lubricant, loosening the knots. Next, use your fingers and a safety pin to help you pull the knot apart. Continue to work and sprinkle on additional powder if necessary.

Clean up: After you are done, wipe the necklace with a paper towel.

2. Get oily

You’ll need: Baby oil, olive oil, cotton swab or mild soap, jewelry cleaner, and a paper towel

What to do: You don’t have baby powder? Instead, try olive oil or baby oil. These oils will lubricate your necklace as well as baby powder. To loosen the chains, dip a cotton swab into the oil. You can massage the knot gently with the oil until it becomes looser for stubborn knots.

Make sure to clean up. Rinse off the items with mild soap, water, or jewelry cleaner. Use a paper towel to dry the items.

3. Windex

You’ll need Windex, Tupperware and mild soap.

You can safely lubricate your necklace with Windex. Apply Windex to the knot by dabbing it onto a cotton swab. Place the necklace in a container. Next, place it on something that vibrates in your home like your washer. The tangles will begin to fall off after a few minutes. Gently pick the knot apart by rubbing it between your fingers.

Make sure to clean up. Fill a Tupperware container with water and mild soap. Place the necklace into it and gently rub your hands. Use clean water to rinse the necklace. Dry it with a towel.

4. Place a pin in it

You’ll need a safety pin, needle, thumbtack or small screwdriver.

What to do if you don’t have the supplies mentioned above? You can still work slowly at the knot using a safety pin or needle, a thumbtack, or screwdriver. The pin should be inserted directly into the middle of the knot. To gently wiggle the knot, use it. You can then use two pins or your fingers to unravel the chains. You should be gentle when untangling delicate necklaces, as the pin is a bit hard to use. They should be untangled, not broken.

Clean up: None required!

These are the best ways to untangle necklaces

Need help untangling your necklace? Reach out to your local jewelry shop to get help untangling your necklace. There will be a range of fees, and it could cost anywhere from $15 to $150. Call the shop in advance to get an estimate. Yelp is the best place to search for a jewelry repair shop. Always read reviews before you make a decision. Good luck!

It would be great if your necklaces didn’t tangle. Proper storage solutions will make tangled necklaces an era of the past.

How to store necklaces at home

We recommend that you have a jewelry case for home that allows necklaces to be hung separately. Do not lay necklaces flat. Although it may seem like a good idea, you are just inviting trouble. Even jewelry boxes with drawers can slip and slide when you open them.

By sticking pins in a bulletin board or purchasing an over-the door jewelry organizer, you can make your own necklace board. These can be hung over your closet door or mounted on your wall. Or, you can slip them in between your other hangers for some sparkle and color.

How to pack necklaces to prevent tangles

The Wanderer jewelry bag by Roam Often is great for travel and on-the-go. The case is small and cute, so it can be carried in your backpack, purse, yoga bag or carry-on. With hooks that prevent tangling, the necklace pouch can store necklaces of any size. It also has space for your other jewelry so you can move around and look stylish while remaining worry-free.