Dermatologist shared how to wash your face

Dermatologist shared how to wash your face

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We believe that the key to a #supersimple life is to learn how to do simple tasks (like washing your hair).

As with poaching an egg perfectly (you know the oozing orange yolk), washing your face takes a lot more time than we would like. Although the steps are simple, it is important to practice them until you get the perfect result.

Were we able to splash water on our faces at times? Yes.

Do we do that now? No. We do not. We swear we will wash our face for two whole minutes. And man, what a difference it makes to take the time to do things right.

Here are some more tips for washing your face.

1. Keep the temperature low.

Extreme heat can dry out your skin, especially in winter. Keep it lukewarm.

2. It’s okay to not need water every day.

One of my friend is a long-time non-water face washer. She prefers to use micellar water and cotton pads for her skin. If your tap water is extremely hard, this is okay. Your skin could get dry.

3. You can’t be too clean.

You shouldn’t wash your face too often (i.e. Over washing your face (i.e., using too much water or too often) can cause damage to your natural oils and disrupt the skin’s biome (more information on skin biomes soon!). While we all want to have a clean and fresh face, we don’t want our skin to be shaved.

4. Yes, you must wash your face every night.

You will need to do it for two minutes. While you’re doing it, give your face a massage! Applying the cleanser to your skin, and then taking the time to rinse off the excess at the end will result in healthier skin. )

5. For extremely dry skin, you can skip cleansing in the morning.

To absorb the ingredients, wash your face upwards at night.

6. Wash your face down if you are prone to getting breakouts.

Yes, you need to clean your skin of all dirt and debris. Although it sounds simple, it is actually quite simple. It’s just that we like to complicate everything.

Now, we want to get it down to the basics without compromising your skin.