A Guide on Claw Clips

A Guide on Claw Clips

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The claw clip is the accessory that has taken over social media. This decorative hairpiece, which is popular on Instagram and TikTok, is a staple of many core aesthetics. The claw clip’s return to fashion is quite recent, given that it was first seen in 2020. It’s a passing fashion trend, but I think the claw clip will be around for a while.

It’s common for trendsetters to have more than one claw clip.

There are many unique silhouettes available, from butterflies to flowers. You clicked on this article so I assume you are curious about how to wear a claw-clip. No matter if you are into minimalism or cottage-core, I will show you how to style a claw clip.

What is a Claw Clip?

The claw clip is short for a decorative hairpiece. The claw clip usually has teeth at the edges of the barrette. This helps to secure the hair.

It is designed to hold excess hair and keep it away from your face. You can use them for many updos: half-ups and twists to name a few.

History of The Claw

Claw clips are relatively new in comparison to Converse shoes, jeans, and tees. Although the claw clip’s creator has not claimed the invention of the hairpiece, we do know that claw clips were popular in the late 1990s.

The claw was likely inspired by the 1980s banana clip. It became popular during hip-hop’s heyday. It was worn by many celebrities, including Jennifer Aniston (and Kirsten Dunst) during its peak.

The claw clip was definitely a product from the ’90s. It had the same amount of pizazz as butterfly clips and scrunchies. They are a staple in many aesthetics today, including VSCO, cottagecore and, of course, Y2K.

When to Wear a Claw Clip

Claw-clip hairstyles can be worn casually. These styles work well with casual aesthetics such as streetwear and Instabaddie. It’s often worn with mini dresses, skirts and jeans.

The claw clip was not commonly associated with formal wear in the past. However, nowadays it is acceptable for weddings and graduation parties as well as fancy dinners.

Claw clips work best when you are constantly moving. Trendsetters will find sitting a problem as the claw clips don’t allow for you to properly recline your head.

How to Wear a Claw Clip

It’s possible to feel both excitement and confusion when you buy your first claw clip. It’s exciting to own a new accessory. However, it can be frustrating to fasten it to your head.

Personally, I prefer the twist method. I start with a ponytail and twirl the ends before bending them at the middle. Then I secure it using a claw clip to hold everything in place.

This is a basic style for claw clip hairstyles. I’m sure there are more sophisticated updos once you get the hang of it.

What types of Claw Clip Outfits are available?

It is important to look at the aesthetics of using a claw clip to answer the question “How to wear it?” This style guide shows that the hairpiece is associated with Instabaddie and cottagecore as well as Y2K.

To keep it simple, I’ll give you a list of popular OOTDs that are trendsetting for you to take into consideration.

  1. The Y2K-inspired look: This includes clothing such as crop tops, low waisted jeans and velour sweat pans. It makes sense to include the core aesthetic of claw clips in the list, considering they were very popular in the late ’90s/early 2000s.
  2. Cottagecore: This aesthetic is often defined by prairie blouses or billowing dresses. It pairs well with themed claw clips.
  3. The Instagram girl: This applies to the most current social media trends. TikTok, Instagram, and other social media platforms are awash with leather jackets, biker shorts and white tanks. Simple jewelry is also very popular. Claw clips are not an exception.
  4. VSCO: The core aesthetic of VSCO is about exuding ‘chill vibes’. The claw clip is a loose way to style your hair.

How to Choose the Best Claw Clip Outfit

Fashion is primarily about the fit. Hairstyles are often considered secondary because most trendsetters choose their hairstyles based on the outfit. This article is about the claw clip. We need to think differently about our wardrobe. It’s not difficult to create a look that is based on this accessory. It requires a little creativity.

It’s easy to just throw on some sweatpants and go. But I urge you to explore the world of core aesthetics. There are many clothing styles that incorporate claw clips, from cottagecore to Instabaddie.

It is important to note that outfit cohesiveness depends on the quality and fit of the garments. Avoid cheap fabrics and poor construction to pass the “vibe check”.

To avoid overspending, customers need to set a budget. The amount that shoppers spend will obviously vary from one person to the next.

The price range for this item is $10-$1000, depending on your budget. You can find a quality claw clip for as low as $20 on Etsy.

How to Style Claw Clip Outfits

It should not be difficult to style claw clips. However, anyone who has one knows the difficulties of trying to find new looks. Before I end this guide on ‘how to wear claw clips’, I thought it would be a good idea to share some more inspiration.

  1. Additional hair accessories: You can jazz up your look with bobby pins, butterfly clips and Barrettes.
  2. Jewellery: This includes rings and necklaces as well as earrings. For certain aesthetics such as maximalism or Y2K, it is recommended to wear all three.
  3. This half-up, half-down style is for those who don’t like buns. Spraying your hair can help give it volume.

Think about the claw clip you have. Etsy has hundreds of unique designs. There are many options, from butterflies to flowers.

Fashion Tips to Avoid with a Claw Clip

Let’s hope you now know how to use a claw clip. Although I encourage you to have some fun with your outfits, there are some fashion faux pas that can be made with this accessory.

Here are some styling tips for avoiding regret after you have taken to Instagram.

  1. The ‘jam in’ method: If your hair is difficult to secure, the clip may be too small. If you have thick hair, I recommend a large claw-hair clip.
  2. Pigtails: Most trendsetters choose to wear one claw clip. It’s not only unusual in aesthetic, but also very taxing for your scalp.
  3. Time and Place: Claw clips should not be used in situations that require a lot of sitting. This accessory can make long drives and movie theaters uncomfortable.
  4. The weak bargain clip: Nothing is more frustrating than losing your third claw clip. To ensure a high-quality design, I suggest increasing your budget to $20 instead of buying a $5 model.

Last Thoughts

Many items are now in high demand due to the resurgence of Y2K fads. Claw clips can be considered the latter because of their timeless aesthetic and ease-of-use.

We’ve moved beyond the ‘Claire’s’ era of cheap barrettes. The market is full modern updates. Our collective style has evolved to meet 2022 fashion demands, from flower clips to resin butterflies.

You should know how to use a claw clip, and I am fairly certain you do. There are so many cute options to choose from, you shouldn’t have any excuses for finding the perfect outfit.