How to Style a Scarf as A French Woman

How to Style a Scarf as A French Woman

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What is it that makes a scarf so chic? It can instantly add style to your outfit and make you look elegant with a touch of European charm. Parisian women are known for their scarf obsession.

Parisian scarfs aren’t about covering one’s neck or keeping warm, though they can be useful in both cases. Parisian scarfs are about attitude. It is a specific mentality. French women don’t wear a scarf. They show them off. It’s all about wearing a scarf in the right way, as if to show everyone that you are fabulous. It’s almost as if French women were born with a scarf on their backs. It is innate and completely natural.

Scarves can be intimidating for clients. We don’t want to put that insecurity into the context of a more serious neurosis, like fear of flying. Most people don’t know how to tie a scarf correctly or how to avoid feeling overly embellished. Here’s a guide on how to wear your scarf. This is how to wear your scarf with confidence. These are some basic tips to help you wear a scarf confidently and with panache.

1. Size

Our motto when it comes to choosing a scarf is “the larger, the better.” This is evident in example: Two women, two black scarves. The one with larger scarf however, is much more fashionable! You now know why.

Your scarf should be wrapped around your neck at least once without being tightened. The remaining pieces should still be free to hang loosely on either side, up to your waist, or tucked in like the image on the left.

2. How to Wear It

You can either let the scarf’s ends hang free on your chest or throw it behind. Avoid scarves that aren’t wrapped or cannot be wrapped. This indicates that they are too small. Wrap it tightly but avoid choking. Scarves that are too tight will make them look unflatter and will also look old.

3. Fabric

A scarf is right next to your face, and it is often the first thing that is noticed in winter. So don’t go cheap! Avoid synthetics when you are shopping for a scarf. Choose wool, linen silk, cashmere, or silk. It’s well worth the investment.

4. Color

You can look classy in black or neutrals (beige, grey, white, brown), These colors can be combined with almost any color. These colors can be paired with any outfit and add an extra flair to it. Bold colors are a bold choice. These colors will brighten up your winter greys. There are only a few guidelines to follow when choosing the color.

  • Your scarf should have a different color than your coat.
  • You should also make sure that the scarf’s colors are different from your outfit.
  • If your coat is vibrant, you can choose neutral scarves or match it with a complementary color, such as red and green. The game can be risky.
  • You can choose any color that you like if your coat is neutral.

5. Patterns

You can choose from a variety of scarves, which should be enjoyable. Scarves are much more affordable than a winter coat, even one of the highest quality. You will feel like you have a new black coat every day if you own a lot of them. Parisians have a lot of scarves, trust us! You can be bold when it comes to patterns. You can pair a patterned scarf and a patterned jacket with the same rules as above for colorful scarves.

Scarf styling for large-busted women

We have dealt with every type of figure. The question of how to wear a scarf if you have large shoulders is something we often get. When we work one-on-one, it is much easier to answer that question. The scarf selections are influenced by the size of shoulders, height, neck length, and proportion. Let us offer some suggestions for features to consider when shopping for a scarf.

  1. Use lightweight fabrics such as silks, challis and linen.
  2. Solid colors are always a good option, but you don’t have to stick to them. You should look for smaller prints such as leopard, polka dots or stripes.
  3. Avoid bulky, knitted fabrics, mohair and other lofty items that can add bulk or girth.
  4. Avoid large-scale prints or large-scale plaids.
Some tips on how to tie and wear a scarf
  • The scarf should be tied around the neck.
  • A diagonal line divides the figure and redirects your eyes.
  • Use your imagination. Wear your scarf as a belt or tie it around the wrist. A scarf is a great way to add style to your wardrobe. You can tie it around your purse’s handle!

You want more inspiration? You can find more ideas in YouTube. Best of luck with your future decisions! The most important thing when wearing a scarf is to wear it with attitude. Take ownership of it!