How to style boyfriend jeans

How to style boyfriend jeans

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In the distant past, women who wore jeans had to hem their legs. Today, we are fortunate to no longer live in the fashion dark ages. We can express ourselves however and whenever we like.

Boyfriend jeans are the perfect pair of pants for letting your relaxed side show. Few pants scream “I’m ready to have my morning coffee, please add some brandy.”

We’ll show you how to wear boyfriend Jeans today.

What are boyfriend jeans?

The answer to the question “What are boyfriend jeans?” is pretty simple: They’re jeans that fit your boyfriend. This assumes that your boyfriend is bigger than you and that we follow heteronormative relationships standards or that you have a boyfriend.

How about the shape? Are boyfriend jeans high-waisted? Let’s find the answer.

A few qualities make the product unique:

  1. Slouchy form
  2. Fitted to a woman’s body
  3. The waist is slightly higher

These properties are not available in every pair of boyfriend jeans, but most have at least two of the three.

We also want to answer a common question: What’s the difference in mom jeans and boyfriend jeans

It all comes down to how the legs fit. Boyfriend jeans are typically straight-cut, which means that they don’t take into account the proportions of the legs as well as the hips and waist. They are more comfortable and suitable for low-key events or lounging.

Mom jeans, on the other hand, are a bit more fitted through the legs. They are tapered all the way so that they show off your curves better. They are also more natural looking because they have a high waist.

Inherently, neither one is superior to the other. It is a matter personal preference. Do you prefer looser jeans or tighter ones? This is the key distinction between mom jeans and boyfriend jeans.

The History of Boyfriend Jeans

It is difficult to pinpoint the exact year that the first pair of boyfriend jeans was created. It’s possible to argue that tailors have been trying out different sizes and fitments since the invention of jeans, making it difficult to pinpoint the exact year in which boyfriend jeans became a fashion statement.

We can identify a few moments in popular culture as landmarks in boyfriend jeans history (and human history)

Marilyn Monroe wore a pair of relaxed and baggy jeans on set of The Misfits in the 1960s. Because she was so popular at that time, it is possible to trace the origins of the boyfriend jeans trend back to Marilyn Monroe.

It is likely you can guess their namesake’s origin. The boyfriend would often wear the jeans of a girl, and they were usually too big for her.

Monroe was not the first to wear baggy denim, or to look through the boyfriend’s drawer, but she was certainly the most prominent.

Other than that, there were other fashion trends that helped the product spread. To increase demand for similar-shaped jeans, you can tie the baggy styles of 1980s and 1990s.

This demand grew over time to become the obsession and fascination with boyfriend jeans.

What to wear with Boyfriend Jeans

It’s not about knowing how to wear boyfriend jeans, it’s about being able to recognize the situation and have a sense of style.

The best thing about boyfriend jeans? They are also less versatile than other styles. They are extremely comfortable, almost too comfortable, and they can be inappropriate for certain places.

You wouldn’t wear boyfriend jeans to business casual events like you can a pair of tapered jeans. You could, but it would make you look like a piece hay in a needle pile.

This also opens up many opportunities for wearing 90s boyfriend jeans on the other side. Boyfriend jeans are great for any casual event, party, night out at a bar, or gathering with wine and the Harry Styles album.

It’s easy to wear boyfriend jeans. They are casual and relaxed. They’re fun. Wear them when you go somewhere casual, relaxed, and fun.

A first date at a chic bar with Tinder’s stud who lured you in with fishing photos. You might skip the mom jeans, but you should still wear them proudly if you go to a local bar with a cute coworker.

Many women love to have their boyfriend jeans fit perfectly. We mean that your jeans should sit comfortably on your hips, without the need for a belt.

This shouldn’t be a problem considering that most women wear boyfriend jeans a little too large.

A second tip for wearing boyfriend jeans is to select a pair that has a little bit of shape. A pair should fit your upper waist and butt. This is the most flattering part of pants. If you want to show off your curves, then go for boyfriend jeans with a butt.

The length of your pants is not important, all things being equal. You don’t have to be a drowning man in these jeans. However, boyfriend jeans can be cuffed, rolled or long.

If the length of your pants is too long, you can hem them. You can actually do a DIY hem by attaching a pair scissors to the bottom.

Vintage stores are a great place to find the best mom jeans. They have seen a lot of wear over time so you can expect them to be in good condition. A little extra around the ankles will not ruin them and can give them some personality.

What Kind of Boyfriend Jeans Are There?

The type of boyfriend jeans you choose will determine how to wear them. These types don’t have to be classified as hard as they can be combined of three factors.

  • Color
  • Height at the waist
  • Distress level

Black, high-waisted and heavily ripped boyfriend jeans can give off a completely different vibe than a low-rise, light-washed, undistressed pair. These factors can be played with in different proportions to discover the style that you love.

How to choose the best boyfriend jeans

You may feel confident in your ability to wear boyfriend jeans. However, that doesn’t mean you can answer the question of which pair you should choose. First, determine which type of jeans you like the most. Next, calculate your budget.

There are great deals on vintage and thrift shops that sell boyfriend jeans at a reasonable price. But if you have the means to afford it, then you can expand your horizons to see what more expensive brands have to offer.

This brings us to the next topic: brands. While some brands are defined by their jeans, others have hidden treasures within their collections. Find out which brands best represent the style you love and what you can find within their wardrobe.

Finally, consider the sustainability of boyfriend jeans. Fast fashion outlets can be harmful to the environment and short-term sustainability.

Although you may think you are saving money by shopping with them for jeans, their quality quickly deteriorates, so you will need to purchase a new pair.

How to style boyfriend jeans outfits

Boyfriend jeans make the perfect companion piece for louder clothing items. Pair a shirt you love with boyfriend jeans if you don’t want to wear it because it’s too loud.

These jeans can be worn with even the most expensive pieces, as you can see in our previous outfit.

Remember that casual is the best type of jeans. You don’t have to worry about how to wear boyfriend jeans. Just imagine your favorite outfit and you will look fabulous with them.

A good pair of boyfriend jeans will make any outfit look great, including hoodies and baggy t-shirts.

Fashion Tips for Boyfriend Jeans Outfits

You may think you are an expert on how to wear boyfriend jeans. This section can be skipped if that is the case. We promise not to be offended. However, it is important to know what to avoid so you can wear boyfriend jeans.

This may sound strange, but it is our best advice. Don’t be too casual with your rest of the outfit. Boyfriend jeans are the most popular denim style, so don’t be afraid to mix and match them with your other clothes.

You should also avoid distressed boyfriend jeans. While a few rips can give the jeans some edge, too many will make it look like you just picked them up from the dump.

Boyfriend jeans can be worn casually enough that you don’t have to add any tears. You can skip the high heels if your boyfriend jeans are too long and baggy. It’s dangerous if your jeans fall on your shoes.

Fashion faux pas aside, your jeans might get caught under your heels.

It’s so easy to be effortless.

Last Thoughts

Comfort is a girl’s best friend, boyfriend jeans. They are comfortable to wear and can enhance your personality. You can be confident about how you wear boyfriend jeans.

We’ll end this section with a short note. Accept the bulkiness and embrace the straight fit. Enjoy the freedom that boyfriend jeans offer.