How to wear Espadrilles: A Guide For Guys

How to wear Espadrilles: A Guide For Guys

23.08.2021 Off By admin

woman in blue sleeveless dress and black leather boots standing on gray concrete stairs

Well, guys, the perfect summer shoes exist – espadrilles. Espadrilles are lightweight and breathable, and can be worn just as casually as flip flops. But at the same time they look quite stylish.


These shoes are generally made of a canvas or cotton fabric upper, with a flexible sole made of esparto rope. 

Espadrilles is a good choice for every summer situation.


YES! This subtly sexy shoe is great for guys who want to break out of boat shoe monotony this summer. Check out this article to know how to wear espadrilles in some stellar summer outfits.

  1. Relaxed summer suiting, like shawl collared, double breasted jacket, mirrors the casual elegance of espadrilles. If you have the case to dress up this summer, don’t be afraid to bust out this casual shoe with a suit. Nice tip: just skip the socks!
  2. The pant leg rolled up to show off your espadrille style. The shoe’s streamlined silhouette can easily get lost in oversized styles.
  3. Tech-forward shorts, a short-sleeve henley in a sunny hue, and a lightweight jacket that picks up the color of the espadrilles. Quick tip: don’t be afraid of pairing two brighter colors together, like the green with yellow above.
  4. Wear your espadrilles with chinos and a colorful shirt for a summer outfit. Can add a jeans jacket as an extra layer.  would look great.