How to Wear Linen and 4 Other Rules for Your Wardrobe

How to Wear Linen and 4 Other Rules for Your Wardrobe

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This year we became convinced that climate change was not an empty term and not an invention by eco-activists. It is a fact that is currently with us. Instead of experiencing a mildly hot summer, Northern Europe experienced real heat. The pandemic and climate change have made fashion more difficult to accept. How do you choose items that last longer than one year and don’t go out of style in the next season? In 2021, basic, durable, comfortable, and high quality garments are the foundation of any wardrobe.


This material is gaining popularity and is the perfect solution for hot days. It’s comfortable, natural, practical, and eco-friendly. Also, it has a higher thermal conductivity that cotton so heat can be tolerated more easily. They wrinkle less if they have a dense texture. Modern technology allows flax to dye in bright colors. Bright green, orange, and fuchsia are the most popular colors of summer and still look great in the fall. Gray, black, white, and beige are all good choices for those who love the classics. You can take a basic item, such as a white linen shirt (it won’t lose its relevance for many decades to come), a linen trousersuit or a suit with slacks (ideal for hot weather offices).

Natural fabrics are preferred

What other items, aside from flax, should you buy? Crochet knitted items such as openwork tops, cardigans, and knitted sundresses can be a great solution for hot days. Denim is a timeless fashion item that can be worn everywhere. Wide jeans, shirts and overalls as well as shorts and skirts can all be combined with other wardrobe items. Linen and fabrics include it (for instance, a mix of linen and cotton, or linen and viscose). These fabrics are less wrinkle-prone. Rami, a Chinese nettle fabric is a true discovery. It is thin and not electrified, making it more environmentally-friendly. Cotton can be used for shirts, trousers and light floral dresses. Silk for suits, dresses, overalls and silk trousers. Take these classic silhouettes and cuts – they won’t let you down.

Safari style

Yves Saint Laurent presented a collection inspired by safari in 1966. No one could have predicted that clothes inspired by images of soldiers and hunters would be out of fashion for many decades. It is now a fashion staple. This style has been a fashion staple in the 70s, 80s and 90s. Natural colors – sand, olive, beige, brown. Uniform details: belts, buttons, iron buttons, hard shoulders and accessories. Only natural fabrics. Practicality and convenience. These are the hallmarks of safari style. It is no longer the uniform worn by colonialists but it is the preferred uniform for travelers and influencers. You can get bermuda shorts, cargo pants and sleevesless jackets, as well as button-down dresses.

Shorts/ pants

Elongated shorts is the main fashion trend for 2021. While it’s hot to wear trousers, shorts or straight Bermuda shorts will be just as fashionable. These are the best clothes for summer. They look great with jackets so strict office dress code guardians will not be able to fault them. It can be worn outside the office with a hoodie or sweatshirt, T-shirt and shirt. You can wear it with a pair of shorts that are slightly longer than the knee, or shorter, in black, white, or linen.

 White is not the only option

A different color might be more comfortable than lighter-colored clothes for heat. It all comes down to the fabric’s composition and how it is cut. Long dresses, sundresses, and loose linen shirts are great alternatives to white clothing. They can also be worn for multiple seasons. You’ll feel happy and accentuate your tan with delicate pastels or rich summer colors. You can choose a turquoise or lemon dress, blue trousers suit (blue suits both brunettes as well as blondes), and a pink jacket.