The Art of the Staycation and How to Achieve It

The Art of the Staycation and How to Achieve It

01.10.2021 Off By manager_1

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Not much energy. Concentration difficulties. Forgetfulness. Headaches. The signs of anxiety and stress had been there with us for a whole summer. But normally we chose to ignore them. “It is time to get more exercise. You just have to start meditating and breathing exercises. It’s time to eat healthier.” These are all great ideas but they don’t provide the real solution to overworked mind and body. Sometimes we need a break. Not just for a weekend or a personal day. A full week of uninterrupted, email-free rest. With little desire to travel by plane to exotic locations (even though that would have been exhausting), we decided not to do so. Instead, we learned how to staycation properly.

Get out, even if it’s close to home

Do your research before you plan a staycation. Ask around and look up hidden gems that might be great for your getaway. You should think about what makes you feel relaxed and rested. What about a private cabin, or a beach house that you can leave to your own devices? You might prefer glamping or camping, which puts you in the middle nature with amazing hiking trails right outside your doorstep. A hotel that offers great amenities like a pool and spa is our favorite.

Don’t take many things

A staycation is a great way to save money because you won’t be traveling too far. A travel bag is a must, but sometimes you are able to manage your overnight stay with a small suitcase. Just pack a bathing suit, cover up, dress for dinner, and a travel outfit for the next morning. Can also take pajamas, a small make-up bag, and if necessary, sandpaper. It’s a game changer. A book and a goal journal are also recommended (more details to follow).

Consider what you love about a real vacation and do it!

It is important to ensure that you are able to relax and have a relaxing staycation. Do not do something that you aren’t interested in, just because someone suggests it. Is hiking not for you? You should avoid it like the plague. It can ruin your precious time. Are you into yoga retreats? You can find a place or practice that truly feeds your body and mind. A staycation should be all about you, and only you.

A spa day is a great way to unwind. Enjoy a massage or facial treatment, wine tasting and a delicious meal (preferably with pasta).

Do not check emails, WhatsApp messages, or anything else

We all have a bad habit when on vacation, even though the internet is poor, of checking and responding to emails. Yes, that’s us. However, the stress and anxiety we have experienced in the past year leave no choice but to stop using Gmail. Set default vacation message as email address, and promise yourself to ignore all emails for the next week. However, even a few days without email feel good for the soul.

If you are able to completely unplug, we recommend it. It is almost impossible to live without our devices, as society’s dependency makes it so. We recommend that you set aside email and text messages for a specific time of the day. Then, turn off your phone or put it on silent so you can enjoy your free time.


Vacations used to be spent on the town in 20s, but these days a great night is when you’re in bed at 10 p.m. We can sleep in and get eight to ten hours of sleep a night. The point of a staycation, you see, is to relax. And rest means sleep. No matter if you’re staying at home or in an oasis far away, we recommend finding a place or environment that offers true relaxation. You might also want to leave places like Atlantic City and Las Vegas off your list.