I tried the TikTok’s viral $40 Valentino Eyeliner

I tried the TikTok’s viral $40 Valentino Eyeliner

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When I was first interested in beauty, I discovered that one feature should be highlighted and made your signature look. It’s all about my eyes. This is why I have a long-standing love affair with mascara. (I was a Dior Diorshow 24h buildable volume Mascara fangirl for more than 10 years). It also explains my love-hate relationship to eyeliner in all its forms.

I’ve tried pencils, liquids, and even tubs from drugstores all the way up to luxury boutiques. So I’ve developed a few opinions. I want a precise tip, a moist formula that won’t skip on my skin, and one I can easily correct with an angled Qtip soaked in Orveda Eye Makeup Removal. It should be able to stay on the skin and remain pigmented. Is this too much to ask?

Because I was raised in Berkeley, California, the hippie-era didn’t end, I’ve always loved the mod aesthetic. My preferred ’60s cat eye is subtler than Twiggy’s famous graphic liner. I prefer to lightly line my upper lid with a soft tapered shape that gradually widens at its outer end. My lids are usually left bare, and I paint my lashes with the mascara of my choice. (For the record: I’m currently obsessed with Kjaer Weis Impossible Mascara.)

The indie Studio Tanais Starless Night Liquid Kjal Eyeliner was my favorite because it glides on easily and has an admirable opaqueness. Beauty TikToker Mikayla Ngueria introduced her followers the dual-ended Valentino Twin Liner Gel & Liquid Eyeliner — causing it to sell out in three hours on valentino-beauty.com, which she first heard about from beauty influencer Rose Siard. Nogueria’s review states that “every recommendation Rose makes is spot-fucking on.” She also said that this liquid eyeliner is the best on the market. This liquid eyeliner is the best.

Naturally, I had to investigate.

Why is the Valentino Twin Liner Gel special?

To begin, I reached out Katrina Klein (a Los Angeles-based makeup artist) to learn more about her work. She has worked with Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale as well as Amber Midthunder. Klein states that this eyeliner is well worth the hype, and she keeps it in her kit. The liquid tip is black and smooth, not like felt fabric. This means the point is always sharp.

The liner comes with two ends, a pencil and a liquid. She compared the effectiveness of each. The liquid end is what she uses to make precise, solid lines or cat-eyes. She tested the staying power, smoothness, and sharpness. Klein confirmed that the eyeliner passed the test, but she added one caveat. “If your lids are oily, I would use a mattifying primer underneath it.”

Klein prefers to use blendable formulas for pencils that are easy to apply once dry. They can be used to create darkness at the eye lash line and as an eye shadow base. She says that gel liners are great for creating a base and blending it out to add darkness to the lash line. It blends easily, is easy to apply and does not stick to the waterline. This is why she says it’s great for creating smokey eyes.

What can I do with the Valentino Twin Liner gel for everyday wear?

Klein began by applying the gel liner to my upper lashes. She blended it up to the crease. Klein then applied a taupe eyeshadow, which she blended into my crease. Finally, she added a shimmery brown to my lid for some light. She says, “I gave my eye a lift by applying liquid eyeliner close to my lashline. To finish it off, I applied mascara and a few individual eyelashes.”

The gel end can be used to create a daytime look. There are four options for Twin Liner. Klein believes that Black & Marrone, a black pencil and liquid liner, is perfect for this. She suggests that you use Marrone to create a daytime look. This will give you definition without making it look too difficult.

How do I apply Valentino Twin Liner Gel?

Nogueria says that the liner is black with a “zero chance of bleeding” Siard offers the following tips. She says, “If your eyeliner isn’t quite straightened out, you can use micellar water to clean it up and use a brush.” Garnier SkinActive All-in-1 Micellar Cleaning Water is her recommendation (the one with the pink cap). Rose and Ben Beauty C30 Brush which can be used to concealer.

Klein offers some helpful tips such as how to use the pencil side for eyeshadow base. The versatile dual ends can be used to create different looks. She says that the pencil’s gel formula makes it easy to blend and creates the perfect base. To create a grungy smokey look, trace the pencil along your lash line (top and bottom) and then use your finger for smudging. This will make it look less perfect.

Applying the liquid end requires precision in order to make sharp lines. Don’t be afraid. Klein suggests that if you are unsure, lay the felt tip flat on your lash line and stamp it. It is a good idea to use your lashes for a guide. She suggests that you keep your eyes open when adding the flick at the ends.

If I feel brave, I might give my smudged smoky eyes a try this summer. Otherwise, I’ll be wearing my regular everyday liner. It might be painted on by Valentino beauty.