I tried the Curly Girl Method and it was amazing!

I tried the Curly Girl Method and it was amazing!

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The Curly Girl Method was something I heard of years ago. However, it wasn’t an option for me because my hair is in between of wavy. My hair has never felt naturally wavy. Any wave I have on any given day, however, is almost always overshadowed with frizz, dry texture and overall unwieldiness. It wasn’t also curly hair. My hair struggles were actually a sign of potential, which I didn’t know.

Susanna, my friend, was a Curly Girl Method follower for three years. She introduced me to Curly Girl Facebook groups. Although she isn’t as ‘religious’ as others, she does use shampoo and styles with hot tools. Her testimonial convinced me that the Curly Girl Method was worth a try.

Susanna’s naturally bouncy curls look effortless. After seeing her “before” hair, which didn’t look much different than mine, I became optimistic about the potential benefits of this regimen for me. In a millennial-style, I was able to search the internet for all the information I needed, rather than reading the book.

The Curly Girl Method

The Curly Girl Facebook group is like a book club, but it’s centered on Curly Girl: The Handbook. While you won’t feel embarrassed if you don’t read the book before you post, you might be politely scolded for not doing some research. In this instance, research means looking through the files of the group administrators. You can also use the search function to avoid repeat questions. These files provide a simplified, broken-down version of Curly Girl Method and all the rules and regulations that go along with it.

It should be noted that I am breaking one of the group’s rules by writing about it. It’s one those “what happens here stays here” communities. Although I won’t list the group I belong to, I can tell you that a quick search for “curly girls method” on Facebook will return more than 100 results. Some of the largest groups have over 100 thousand members. To request access to any of these spaces, you just need to ask (read: click the “join” button).

Curly Girl experts say the Curly Girl Method is about understanding your hair’s porosity and feeding it the right amount of protein. There are also a lot of silicones and sulfates to avoid. My hair was only able to grow by 30% if it was brushed and dried properly. This is a new and surprising fact.

Baby steps are encouraged so I concentrated on the two most important aspects: post-shower styling and co-washing. The Curly Girl Method’s most important element, co-washing, is shorthand for the principal component. It involves avoiding shampoo and using Curly Girl-approved conditioners. Curly Girl approved conditioners are free from sulfates and drying alcohols as well as silicones, waxes and other non-natural oils. It’s possible that your products aren’t CG-safe if you’re not familiar with the process. Also, your eyes may not be trained to identify the exact list of ingredients that make or break the cut. Although there are a few online ingredients checkers, such as CurlsBot or Is It CG? They may not be up-to-date and reliable. This is where the thousands of CG enthusiasts can really help.

“Is it safe?” This is the most requested topic in Curly Girl Method, and it’s always accompanied by a photo of the product ingredients lists. If the product isn’t approved by Curly Girl, commenters will quickly point out any suspicious silicone or alcohol.

Next is the frustration post. These posts are where Curly Girls, also known as curlies or wavies, don’t get the results they want and are just getting fed up with their hair. They often express feelings of discouragement and are close to giving up on their hair. Sometimes, commenters try to offer their diagnosis: “Did your final wash?” “, “How many years have you been plopping your hair? It looks like your hair needs more protein.” Others remind people that this is a marathon and not a sprint, and encourage them to keep going.

My Curly Girl journey was not without its challenges. I had to decide what I should do with my hair after I got out of my shower. It is not easy to figure out how to style curls after cowashing. These are my top styling tips. Everyone will have their own style, but these are the ones that work for me.

Steps of the My Curly Girl Method

  • Co-wash

I found the As I Am Coconut Co-Wash after scrolling through the Facebook group looking for people whose hair looked the most similar to mine. I also checked out their products. It is the same product that I use to wash my hair in the shower as a shampoo.

  • “Squish to Condish”

I then “squish-to-condish” my hair using my cowash for the second time. This is the part that takes place after the shower. The dripping wet hair is flipped upside-down. This is a way to “squishing” conditioner in order to form curls and lock in moisture.

  • Apply the product

After I rinse out the conditioner, I get out of the shower and apply gel. This is something I haven’t done since middle school when I was ill-advised with hair styling. It’s important to apply gel, and lots of it, to wet hair.

  • Air dry

Next, I let my hair air dry and leave it alone. This was easy for me because I had given up the blow dryer early in my life. It’s hard to resist the urge not touch my hair. Touching your hair can cause frizz and interfere with the way the curls are formed. It also means that you should not take naps while your hair is drying.

  • “Scrunch Out The Crunch”

After my hair has dried and formed a gel cast (basically, a sticky film on my hair), I SOTC. Curly Girl Translation: Take out the crunch. This is a simple one and can help you avoid having hair texture you can’t hear. I use either my hands or a microfiber towel for gentle scrunching my hair. This helps to break up any strands that have clumped together during drying.

My experience with Curly Girl Method

My friend introduced me to Curly Girl Method. She couldn’t predict how my hair would react, but she said that it wouldn’t matter what. This was something I was very excited about. I believe in adjusting your hair to your lifestyle (yes, even the cut-off). It was hard work, but I just finished high school and moved to a new place.

I was able to quickly learn the basics of “transition hair” in no time. As many others, my hair had experienced a lot of damage, including bleach, box dyes and heat products. I also spent a semester living in an extremely polluted environment. The Curly Girl Method is a method that many people start after years of hair damage. It can take several months to repair. My hair felt greasy and flat for the first few weeks. To distract myself from the grease, I tried a ponytail every single day. I thought maybe my hair was starting to get a little more curl. Although I was impatient, I persevered because I knew it was a marathon and not a sprint. The Curly Girl Method is not the right choice if you want to quickly fix your hair problems.

After a few weeks I was able to get my hair past the hump. I noticed a difference in my hair. I started to feel like I had a better grasp on the squishing, scrunching, and was able to wash my hair for a longer time.

Although I don’t know what my hair is in, it does look different. It’s easier to manage my hair if I take the time to do the right things and let it dry naturally. Before Curly Girl I didn’t know what my hair would look like after every wash. I now feel more in control of my hair and the texture it takes. Not only are my waves more defined, but I am also starting to notice some ringlets.

Although it isn’t the dramatic change I was expecting, the improvements in my hair’s quality have been enough to keep me on this path. This is an ongoing experiment, and I am excited to see what the future holds.

But aside from my hair’s improved-not-perfected texture and appearance, the most exciting change from the Curly Girl Method is the new attitude I have toward my strands. When I want my hair to look nice for something, I don’t reach for the straightener. I spend more time styling and caring for my hair.