If you are going on holiday soon, this Zara hack will help you save money

If you are going on holiday soon, this Zara hack will help you save money

29.07.2022 Off By manager_1

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Zara shoppers can save money with this Zara hack.

Zara lovers will be familiar with the Zara size hack, which impressed shoppers last year, and the Zara website hack, which has revolutionized online shopping.

There is an easy hack to make Zara shopping a lot cheaper. It only works if there is already a planned trip to Europe. This hack is great for jet-setters who have summer vacations planned in Europe.

Martin Lewis, money saving expert, stated in a blog post that Zara shoppers can save the most by taking advantage of the price difference between Zara in European countries like Spain and the UK.

Martin said, “If you are one of the many millions who is planning to travel to Spain this summer, stop shopping on Zara right away.” “The huge Spanish fashion brand Zara sells clothes far cheaper in Spain than it does here. So wait until you get there before you buy anything. You can also find it cheaper in countries that accept euros, but not that much.

The website in the US and UK is much more expensive than the Spanish website. Martin stated that the price difference was huge. Martin stated that the pound’s price is often more than the euro before you convert the currency, which further reduces the euro price.

Unfortunately, this savings hack cannot be used if you are not able to go to Spain to buy the clothes. Martin explained that US and UK shoppers can’t buy clothing from the Spanish website at a cheaper price, but it is still useful.

Martin stated that while English delivery cannot be ordered from the Spanish website, it does offer the opportunity to choose ‘English’. Martin said that the other benefit is that the websites of other countries can almost be compared so you can browse ahead for price research.

This hack can also be applied to similar brands within the same group, such as Pull and Bear, Bershka and Massimo Dutti.

This money-saving Zara hack can be used for a variety brands if you wait until you are on holiday. Make sure you have enough space in your suitcase so you can bring your bag back.