These six shoe trends will be dominant in 2022/ 2023

These six shoe trends will be dominant in 2022/ 2023

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The future of footwear trends is expected to be playful and childlike, with hippy influences. Commercially, this will make it a huge success because of post-pandemic changes in consumer values.

The current situation is causing people to undergo multiple changes that will change the way they live and move. The social and lifestyle systems are very different from what they were two years ago.

Future consequences can be multiple. It is important to avoid the current situation and to provide solutions that will allow you to make the necessary changes.

Our report focuses on the lifestyle needs of the consumer and aesthetic requirements that result from their choices in everyday living for comfort, playfulness and emotional needs.

The consumer is looking for radiant tones in footwear and celebrating aesthetics that make it glamorous.

Key colors

The most basic characteristics of the colors that consumers will love to wear after the pandemic are vibrant and cheery hues.

  1. Apply neonish tones such as hot pink, green, and red on a base of white or black.
  2. Prints: Colorful camouflage patterns, Summer Stripes and digital virtual patterns.
  3. Design aesthetics: Transparencies, fringes, quilt, slouchy and lightweight indoor-outdoor aesthetic. Products with padded surfaces should provide emotional and physical comfort.
  4. Materials that are biodegradable, bio-based waterproof coatings. You can also apply recycled nylon or responsibly sourced leathers to improve functionality.

Seasonal 2022 footwear Direction

  1. Catwalk S/S 2022’s major footwear direction is focused on comfort and joy. As seen in MSGM’s Footwear, Givenchy and Lacoste, colors are bright and cheerful for sneakers and sleepers.
  2. Collina Strada’s sneakers feature fringes for euphoria-seeking feelings.
  3. A joyful spirit of the hippy is reflected in colorful knitting and braided straps.
  4. From a medium-high heel to slightly higher versions, sandals are updated with a flat, cushioned platform sole. The catwalk trend was all about comfort and easy styling.
  5. The trend for more colorful and experimental sneakers is now evident, with platform shoes that have chunky soles becoming the most popular and comfortable.
  6. The sandals are ultra-cool because of their chunky soles and athletic-leaning features like Velcro straps, Neoprene fabrics and cut-out designs.

6 Consumer insights about the footwear industry

Our 2022/23 consumer analysis revealed six incremental changes in consumers’ lives that will determine footwear needs, particularly in the sportswear category, as we discuss below.

1- Great comforts

Pandemic has changed the way we wear shoes. Our new purpose for walking and staying home during lockdown will now be to focus on comfortable and cushioned sandals and shoes with footbeds and padding features.

Reflexes, cutouts, and foldable sneakers make this wearable for both indoor and outdoor environments. The colors are bright and appealing to the emotional part of consumers, which can help them change their behavior.

2- Disco-inspired and festive footwear

Brands recognize the importance of helping people to feel better during times of uncertainty or distress and are willing to play a role in that process. To give consumers hope, brands will emphasize positive news and positivity in their communications over the next few months.

Brands can offer joy and laughter through in-person or digital entertainment. This will allow consumers to recover from the pandemic. Brands will continue being relied upon by consumers to help them escape everyday worries, stress, and boredom.

Collina Strada’s S/S2022 footwear styles are very playful. They make you feel festive with fringes, cloth overlay, and bursts of tie-and-dye vivid colors. This is a result of consumers’ increasing awareness of the importance to find joy in everyday life and in living in the present.

Brands will not only offer new experiences but also encourage consumers to have fun with their everyday routines. This is especially important since the pandemic affected many of these routines.

3 – Outdoor Oasis-Nomadic hippy shoes

Urban dwellers seek out an Outdoor Oasis for their mental and physical well-being. Despite the dangers of large gatherings, consumers still want to connect with others and socialize.

Outdoor Oasis offers a refreshing change of scenery that allows you to feel connected and disconnected from the crowds. For trapped consumers, outdoor spaces are a great place to eat, exercise, socialize, and relax.

Remote work is becoming more common. It’s attractive to trade your time in cities for rural living. Moving out of expensive cities can help ease the financial burden that comes with a slowdown. Rural communities are cleaner and more healthy. If technology is available online, consumers want to get back to basics.

MSGM and Etro brought the platform and Hippy-style sandals to their S/S 2022 collection. They are tied with braided straps at the ankle and ready for adventure. The joyful spirit of the hippy is reflected in the slippers’ open stitching, braided straps and colorful knitting.

4- Summer Nostalgia

The pandemic has changed consumer’s desire to remember those peaceful, relaxing moments. Dreamy emotions are back in fashion. They combine natural elements with past memories to create a summer nostalgia vacation that connects the present and the past.

The nostalgia of last summer creates a relaxing holiday atmosphere for urban teens and provides a casual summer rhapsody. We reinterpret California’s romantic and passionate golden age, using the memories we have of it.

As seen on MSGM’s S/S2022 runway, the retro nostalgia is reflected in colorful stripes on slippers.

5-Youth Grunge

Despite people expecting Christmas and holidays amid the recent increase in COVID-19 case numbers, many lockdowns have made consumers believe that the government is intentionally limiting their rights for political reasons.

Protestors fill the streets again, proving that people are willing to challenge the establishments once again. These activists have created a new consumer group, which is anti-government and believes it can set its own rules.

Everyone wants joy and freedom. Freedom from all restrictions and the freedom to roam freely in an open, wild and free world. Fashion must embrace the boldness of youth in order to retain the charm of street culture. Graffiti and rap are akin to their mother tongues and serve as a manifesto for self-expression.

6- Kidcore

Covid 19 made people feel old. Covid-19 took a toll on everybody. Things can go wrong and that adds to the pain of feeling old or getting older. Mental health professionals warn that constant news about people dying from Covid-19, and isolation, could lead to mental decline and ageing. This can have a ripple effect on your body.

We are exhausted by the coronavirus pandemic. It feels draining and heavy to be in the moment. Tuesday marked the beginning of a new week. April seemed like an eternity. Our regimen includes grief, anxiety, tedium loss of control, restriction in movement and any other form of distress. None of these are rejuvenating.

It is possible that we are aging in reverse and reverting back to our youthful behavior. Like occasional tantrums. Or craving ice cream, noodles and sugary cereal at every meal.

In 2022, shoes, slippers and sneakers will need to include logos that feature a butterfly and a burst with vivid colors.