Your once in a lifetime opportunity to get this jewellery

Your once in a lifetime opportunity to get this jewellery

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If you pay attention, you’ll see the jewels in Ivy Getty’s Town & The Country cover story was once owned by Ann Getty, the philanthropist and also a T&C cover star. You will see the type of taste we mean.

Ann Getty, a publisher, author and paleoanthropologist, was also an avid collector. 12 of the pieces will go up for auction at Christie’s New York in June. The event is a landmark in the jewelry industry.

According to Christie’s, it is “one of most important private collections of Joel Arthur Rosenthal works to be auctioned at Christie’s New York on June 8.” This includes 12 pieces that Ann Getty, a publisher, author, paleoanthropologist, and author, acquired. He is also known as JAR, a legend who is the subject of a solo exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2013. Many of the pieces on sale at Christie’s are among these.

JAR collectors rarely part with their pieces. These are not jewels that you can just walk into a store and get a Black card to wear. Mr. Rosenthal is just as careful about who gets a JAR piece as he is about the stones. He said of Mrs. Getty: “From the beginning, this lady dear Ann, saw and picked the cherries that would become your collection …”

How did a moment like this happen? How rare is it? We reached out to Daphne Lignon, head of jewelry at Christie’s with four important information.

  • Ann is a collector. Was there a common theme?

Evidently Mrs. Getty approached JAR jewels in a similar way to her exceptional collection. She was focused on beauty, craftsmanship, and artistry. JAR’s main themes are: Flora, fauna, historical inspiration, as well as intense and subtle color palettes. They also have varying scales and proportions.

Ann Getty’s JAM brooches will be on sale. They include an agate and diamond, sapphire zebra, and a multi-gem, as well as a diamond leaf and multi-gem.

  • It is rare to find a JAR collection such as this. What makes his pieces so desirable?

This private collection of JAR jewels is the largest ever offered at auction. It includes twelve stunning creations. This is a rare opportunity to purchase unique pieces with distinguished provenance.

  • What happens when a client wants to sell the pieces of a living designer’s work? Do you have to first talk with the designer?

When it comes to offering important collections of living designers, we are constantly mindful and will seek their feedback when necessary to ensure that the jewels are presented in a respectful manner.

  • What are the most striking pieces in this collection of JAR?

The collection includes several outstanding jewels including the striking emerald-leaf brooch with an emerald that weighs nearly 12 cts, elegant parrot-tulip brooch, which is a nod towards Mrs. Getty’s Dutch heritage, and the banded-agate Zebra with a headdress made of diamonds. There is also the gem-set Vitrail Fleur-de-Lys that is reminiscent stained glass windows.