Everything You Need to Know About Spots

Everything You Need to Know About Spots

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Many of us are asking for skin advice. And most of the questions we ask begin with “Can you help with my spots?”. There are so many types of spots, it seemed like it’s time to know more about this problem!

Answer the question before treating – What kind of spot do you have? If you don’t understand what it is, don’t bother to poke at your face. You will end up with a lot of irritation, scarring, bleeding, and other unpleasant side effects.

  1. Blackheads are not a spot. Blackheads are not a sign that you are unclean or dirty. They are not caused by germs and are not a sign of infection. Your DNA is what causes blackheads. We don’t recommend trying to remove blackheads by yourself. People trying to remove blackheads on their own cause more damage than poking at large red areas. There are exceptions to this rule, but it is best to cleanse your skin every day. Use the products to help with blackheads. Then, go to a targeted facial to remove them professionally and gently. Some facialists are not good at extracting blackheads.
  2. Whiteheads are the easiest to treat. They are usually a bit swollen, full-formed and appear very obvious with a ‘whitehead’. Whiteheads can be caused by a heavy night cream, excessive sweating, or an unusually large number of drinks. If the spot is not painful and there is no white gunk (sebum), you can continue to cleanse your skin as usual. Finish your cleanse, and then hold the warm flannel for about a minute over the area. Take clean hands and cut two loo rolls. Wrap them around your fingers and squeeze in gently from the outside. It should be easy to remove. If not, clean the area, tone and moisturize, then you can go on.
  3. Pimple (pastule). A pimple is small, red and without a head. It’s fine to leave it alone. You can clean, tone, moisturize (yes, you should moisturise it too), conceal, and go.
  4. Big pimple (pustule) is large. It is red, inflamed, and almost always without a head. It doesn’t want to you pick. Don’t pick. Move away from the area. This is the common irritant for acne and acne rosacea sufferers. It should be kept clean and moisturized. Keep an eye on it. It will eventually go away. It wants to move at its own pace. Sometimes, you might see a tiny whitehead at the top. Normal cleansing will remove the sebum you want to remove. Don’t let your skin produce too much sebum. Your skin will prevail. You’ll end up with a bleeding, angry patch ten times larger than when you started. You might even get a scar.
  5. Cyst is a deep, painful, and really unpleasant condition. It doesn’t always appear like a spot, but rather an angry red lump. These are not something you want to play around with. These can be caused by many things, but most commonly hormones. This spot will not be affected by any amount of playing, picking, or poking. It will make fun of you. It will make you look foolish if you try to change it. It is time to examine your diet and lifestyle.

A dermatologist is recommended if you have skin problems. Remember this: You only have one skin, take care of it.

Here’s a list of things what to do and not do.

Do these things:

  • Take care of your health. Your outer reflection is your inner. Avoid white products such as flour, sugar, pasta, and other white goods. Take a lot of salad. Even if it’s just green leaves. It’s a start. They are full of sugar so don’t put a dressing on them.
  • Keep your skin clean. Use good skincare and clean your skin.
  • Acids are important. You need products that contain acids.
  • Supplements are a good idea. Many companies offer products for problematic skin. Take at least omega oils, either in flax or fish form, and quercetin.

Do not:

  • Too much sugar. Yes, no chocolate and cookies.
  • Milk chocolate is the most popular type of chocolate for people with a disability. Dairy is generally high in antibiotics and should not be consumed by humans. All dairy.
  • The stripping tools can be used to get rid of blackheads.
  • Avoid using any products containing glitter. This should be obvious.
  • Drink too much alcohol. Booze is high in sugar. Nutritionists refer to it as ‘liquid fire’. It also raises your body temperature (hot flush, anyone?). It also increases inflammation and dehydrates your skin. This makes your skin look as if it’s been rubbed in.
  • Smoke.