Italian Girls Are Professionals in the Art of Effortless Hair

Italian Girls Are Professionals in the Art of Effortless Hair

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Italy is known for its amazing architecture and mouthwatering pasta dishes. It is also home to the Vatican, Colosseum and other notable landmarks. The beauty scene is another important aspect of this European country. Particularly, the hair of Italian girls is so beautiful. These women are the perfect inspiration for anyone looking to change their hairstyle.

Milan is a fashion capital thanks to Prada, Gucci and Bottega Veneta. Women aren’t afraid of trying new hairstyles, just like the city’s adventurous, eclectic style, which often features bold prints and bright colors. It’s possible to do anything in Italy, including super short or fringed hairstyles. The current fashion trends in colors range from strawberry red to chocolate brown.

You may be familiar with the classic French girl beauty looks, such as red lips and glowing skin. But it is time to learn more about the hairstyles that are popular in Italy. Find below the most popular styles and colors that Italian women love — and make sure to bookmark them for your next appointment.

  • Perfectly polished

All kinds of bobs — long or short — are approved by the Italian set. This chin-length version is a polished, clean take on this sought-after hairstyle. This style is a great option if you are thinking about trying something shorter.

  • Fringe Bangs

We want to help you to make a decision. Ada Kokosar, an Italian fashion consultant, has amazing fringe-style curtain bang. This type has the advantage of being longer at the sides so they are easier to style as they mature.

  • Keep it natural

Allow your natural hair to shine. Coco Rebecca Edogamh, an up-and-coming Italian actor, now lets her hair naturally. Edogamh grew up with straight hair and was determined to have it like her friends. She used to straighten her hair daily until it became really damaged. She shared with us: “But, approximately two and half years back, I finally had the courage to show off my natural look, and now it’s something I love. It’s something I am proud of and it’s not something I want to hide.”

  • Embrace A Little Frizz

Italians love their natural texture, whether it’s curls, waves or even some frizz. You will be a better hairdresser if you follow their example and reduce the use of straighteners. You can part your hair in any direction you like, but the bottom line is that it’s best to do it in the middle.

  • Strawberry Red

Are you feeling like your hair is getting stuck in a rut? Try something new, such as strawberry red. You’ll be immediately calling your stylist if you take a look at Niki Wu Jie’s Instagram account. You can always dye your hair again if you don’t like it.

  • Short and sweet

Tamu McPherson, a Milan-based influencer, knows a lot about minimalist beauty. Just look at her short haircut in her Instagram. McPherson says that even though it might seem scary, the risks are worth them taking.

  • Natural waves

Lucky you if you are naturally gifted with waves! For everyone else, however, there are many products that can achieve the Erika Boldrin-approved style. If you have hair that is slightly wavy, you can add some volume with a mousse (Oribe Curl Shaping Mousse is a great option). A wand is a great hot tool.

  • Slick Bun

There are days when styling your hair is not possible. Italian girls love a messy topknot. Swarovski’s Global creative director Giovanna Engelbert is fond of this look. Milan-based fashion specialist, Giovanna Engelbert often pulls her hair back so that her sparklers can shine.