It’s Time for Connor Roy to Dig Deep With “Succession”

It’s Time for Connor Roy to Dig Deep With “Succession”

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It is always difficult to predict the future of a TV series. And given the emotional punches and stunning twists that Sunday’s Succession finale brought on viewers, even the best soothsayer cannot accurately predict its fourth season.

What if we took some guesses? For fun! It’s my sacred duty as someone who loves losing games and overthinks the show, to do so.

  • Logan Roy’s Eldest Child

Conman was the star of Sunday’s event. He both proved himself to be Logan Roy’s eldest son and got engaged to Willa. She seemed to be pitying him as he returned to his family upset. But, you know what? A pity engagement can still be a engagement!

Connor is currently the most neglected of the four Roy siblings. This may be partly because we don’t know much about Logan and his mother’s first marriage. This season highlighted Con’s relationship to his half-siblings. They treat him like garbage, even though it seems that he was their only emotional relative as a child. Take a look at the opening credits. Con creeps towards his siblings in a family picture only for their father turn his back on them all.

Multiple times this season, we hear Connor spending time with his siblings while Logan is busy. We later find out that Logan actually brought Logan on a fly fishing trip to Montana with Connor. Kendall’s tabloid poster for Connor’s 40th birthday mentions that Logan “shit his bag” during a camping trip.

“I took you two fucking sholes on a camp trip… and I had some poor fucking fish,” Connor yells at the siblings, ridiculing him. “This is bullshit!”

Connor was able to feel the same passion in Sunday’s finale as he waved a butterknife in his siblings’ faces. Logan may have made him their mother by transforming him into Logan, Connor seems to be reminding them.

  • How long has Tom been a plant?

If I was Shiv, I would be trying to find out when my husband sold me to my father.

Or was it just that one moment when he warned Logan about the children’s plans to expel him? It could be that it goes back further, like when a mysterious box of doughnuts showed up at Kendall’s house after Shiv had told Shiv where she was. What is the secret to her meeting Tom? What fateful twists or meddling put him in her path? We end Season 3 with a shot of Shiv trying to not act scared while Tom holds her hand. It seems that at least some of these questions are still bouncing around in Pinkie’s head.

Season 4 will answer another question: What kind of deal did Tom make with Greg? All I know right now is that I would rather be a Sporus or a Shiv.

  • So, Uh… What’s the Stand of Roman and Gerri Now?

Each Roy child was faced with their own terror when they discovered that Logan and their mother had conspired to sell the company. Roman became a child after realizing what was happening. His look of horror turned into betrayal as he realized that Gerri wasn’t going to stop it.

Roman has been making himself sexually and professionally vulnerable to Gerri for two seasons. Gerri is something of a dominatrix, and mentor. We also learned that he has been sending Gerri dick photos, which Logan wasn’t too happy to discover when his son accidentally sent one his way a few weeks back.

Roman seems to believe he and Gerri were creating a real alliance. But, in the end, Gerri returns Roman’s pleas for help with an icy question: “How does that serve my interests?”

Gerri may really want to help Roman, according to J. Smith-Cameron. But in the end she isn’t willing to go too far.

Gerri will find a way for her slime dog to be helped. It’s possible, but based on what we know, it’s unlikely that she will intervene unless she can find a way to do this without putting herself in danger. Gerri, with her willingness to stop the Roy children from taking over Waystar seems to have some explaining to do next time Roman and she get a few minutes alone.

  • Are the Roy Kids finally ready to act in harmony?

We’ve seen for three seasons what happens when Logan’s children compete against one another. They all lose because that’s what Logan wants. Their unexpected alliance in Sunday’s final could be the most significant episode shift heading into Season 4, assuming it doesn’t collapse after one upset.

Tom’s betrayal to Shiv may have been the season’s biggest shocker. But Kendall’s collapse in the parking lot and his siblings’ support for him is still the game-changer. Logan is certain that his children will carry his legacy when he passes away. As long as he keeps them unable to control their lives, they won’t be able to exercise the same control when he’s alive.

“Tom’s betrayal Shiv may have been the season’s biggest shocker, but Kendall’s collapse in the parking lot – and his siblings’ support – is still the game-changer.”

What if Kendall and Roman, Shiv, Connor all start acting in unison. Logan’s health is rapidly deteriorating. How long can he keep them all in his control? As an idea, what about an alliance? It’s punchy! Let’s hope that Kendall is not forgotten by everyone.

  • Justin Kirk, Come Back!

It’s impossible to believe that we saw the Picking the President episode during this season. This episode featured a vile Justin Kirk playing the role of Jeryd Mencken, a right-wing provocateur. It seems that the election will be a major theme in the next season. I have a feeling that we may not have seen the last of Jeryd and Roman’s bathroom chemistry. What is it about Roman bathrooms and powerful men?

  • Is GoJo a Go?

Roman’s bathroom friends aside, we will likely see more of Alexander Skarsgard’s Lukas Mattsson, the tech mogul, whose company, GoJo will soon be owned by Waystar Royco.

Waystar has been in a funk for some time. But watching the acquisition of GoJo by the company turn into a “merger to equals” followed by a full-on takeover? It’s embarrassing.

Logan is now confronting a major existential question. We are praying that his children are prepared, as Daddy doesn’t seem to be the type of person to relax into a good night. If he is going to lose control, they will be the first to line.