Karol G or a mermaid? You decide

Karol G or a mermaid? You decide

11.08.2022 Off By manager_1

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Karol G. Is that you? Is it Ariel, the little Mermaid? This cherry-red hair color is so subtle that it’s hard to tell the difference!

After being known for  bright, aqua-blue hair, the musician decided to try something new. She wore a vibrant, crimson-colored wig after hinting that she was considering a change in her look in July.

Karol posted on Instagram that she had to be patient before revealing her scarlet hair color to followers and fans. The color was secret at first. In Spanish, she wrote that it took her two weeks to fall in love with the color and be able show it off in the mirror. Karol waits for viewers to see the big reveal. She talks about her transformation and videotapes the ceiling before counting down towards her rojo makeover. She shows the color after a quick “three-two, two, one”! She styled her hair loosely and it looks just like her smile.

Karol is in love with her new look, and hopes that fans will too. “When you see Karol, tell her: “EaAaaaaaa Maria Beee that red hair looks beautiful on you.” In her caption, she wrote: Given her glamorous, happy look with her traffic-stopping red hair, we have no doubt that this won’t be an issue. Karol took the Little Mermaid analogy one step further by changing her Instagram photo to one of Ariel in case you were unsure.

Karol has previously spoken out about the importance of her blue hair, both for herself and for her fans. Because it quickly became her signature look, she had “complicated” feelings about keeping the color. In March 2022, Karol G said that people often think about Karol G’s blue hair and her heart tattoo. “I just traveled to Latin America, and I’m going on my European tour. So I feel like people want their blue wig. How do you stop people from buying their blue wigs? You can buy a ticket to a tour like this and you get there with a different hair color. It’s difficult to understand ….”

While the blue hair is iconic, we are excited about the new Karol G era.