Kate Middleton’s latest fashion brand has the most flattering and chicest dresses

Kate Middleton’s latest fashion brand has the most flattering and chicest dresses

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Kate Middleton is a master of wardrobe design and rarely fails to impress. However, there’s something special about Kate Middleton’s looks during official royal tours.

They are always considered and show her and her stylist’s ability to push the boundaries of her aesthetic and tap into the most coveted brands while still being culturally relevant. Her looks on the eight-day Caribbean tour to kickstart Queen’s Jubilee celebrations have been nothing but stunning.

The Duchess of Cambridge changed from her Tory Burch blue and red dress in the colors of the Belize flag to something much more dramatic.

It was a shimmering hot pink number from The Vampire’s Wife. It featured a full-length skirt and flowing sleeves, as well as a ribboned waist made of the same fabric.

This brand is fast becoming her favorite evening wear label, and Kate Middleton wasn’t the only one to champion it.

Kate wore the same Guinness Factory dress almost exactly two years back for a visit. Princess Beatrice, not The Vampire’s Wife, is not the only royal fan. She has worn its tiered ‘Veneration’ dress previously in another royal seal.

What’s the story behind Duchess of Cambridge’s new label?

Susie Cave, a model and wife to Nick Cave, frontman of Nick Cave & Co, is the founder of the British-born fashion brand “The Bad Seeds”.

The label was launched in 2014 and has enjoyed an A-list following. Stars such as Keira Knightley and Alexa Chung have worn the designs on red carpets, as well Jennifer Aniston, Dakota Johnson and Cate Blanchett.

The dresses have modest cuts and opulent fabrics, with vintage touches. This has earned them rave reviews from fashion editors and celebrities alike.

The under-the radar label of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle went soaring when three guests wore the elegant silhouettes at the royal wedding.

Florence Welch said that she didn’t know the answer, but it makes you appear like you’re practicing witchcraft in a romantic cult. That’s how I want to be.

“I worship Nick Cave as a musician. I have always been fascinated with Susie, his mysterious muse and inspiration. It has been amazing to watch the muse transform into the maker.”

Want to join the fun? Although Kate’s hot pink number has sold out, here’s our ultimate edit of The Vampire’s Wife’s best dresses to update your wardrobe.

1. METALLIC PINK DRESS $1,595, Matches Fashion
2. METALLIC SILVER DRESS, $1,650, Net A-Porter
3. FRILLED METALLIC PINK DRESS, $2,500, Matches Fashion
4. DARK FLORAL DRES $810, Farfetch
5. GOLD SEQUIN Dress $1,150, Matches Fashion
6. FLORAL FLARED SLEEVE DRESS $995, Matches Fashion
7. MINI SILVER DRESS $1,395, Matches Fashion
8. METALLIC GREEN DRESSE $1,595, Matches Fashion
9. SILVER MIDI DRESS $1,495, Matches Fashion
10. FLORAL BARDOT DESS $695, Matches Fashion
11. TULLE MINI DRESS $895, Net-A-Porter
12. METALLIC GREEN DRESS $1,495, Selfridges