This new trend will brighten up your day: meet  up Kidcore

This new trend will brighten up your day: meet up Kidcore

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You don’t need to travel down a rabbit hole to get inspired for kidcore. This trippy look emphasizes the eyes, cheeks and lips with bold, vivid strokes of makeup. We’re not going to make you fall into a TikTok pit, but we can help.

What exactly is Kidcore? Trixie Mattel is a well-known drag queen, who tells us that “if I have to ask about Kidcore, then I don’t know. If you aren’t doing kidcore, then you’re doing “adultcore.”

If you think about it, “adultcore” reminds me of all my grown-up responsibilities. Kidcore is not just for kids. Many adults find inspiration from the look. Mattel says, “As we get older, I think adults start to dress more neutrally.” Mattel says that bright clothing is a sign of youth. Kidcore is bringing back color for kids to enjoy.”

And why has this Y2K, ripped-from-a-Lisa-Frank-journal look taken off? Donni Davy is cofounder of Half Magic Beauty, and makeup artist at Euphoria, shared her thoughts.

To better understand and create playful looks, we spoke to experts in beauty and childcore look creations.

What is kidcore?

TikToker Chuck, a makeup artist, said that “kidcore” is the brighter side of gothic — it’s the same aesthetic but in a different colour scheme. Instead of using dark, gaudy colors, the goal should be to be bold and bright.

Will Sullivan, a New York City makeup artist says that it plays into childlike innocence. I’ve seen people add stickers to their faces (a la Olivia Rodrigo), or simply rock the look with a bold lip. Although there are many ways to achieve kidcore, Sullivan suggests that blush be applied to the center of the cheeks to create a childish look.

Kidcore could be viewed as the younger sibling to minimalism and the more pared-back, “clean beauty” version of minimalism you’ve seen all over TikTok (think a little bit of lip balm and an Olaplex braid). Davy says that Kidcore is “just kidding. You don’t need to grow up.” It’s fashion, makeup and hairstyles that bring joy, no matter how old you may be. It’s all about being happy and cool.

The “innocence” of the look is not a goal of kidcore creators. Kidcore should not be confused with Lolita, a popular Japanese style often associated with Victorian-era frilly or doll-like clothing. “I believe kidcore is being compared with Lolita because it shares the same childlike styling but the intentions behind them are different,” Sullivan explains. “We might confuse the two because some of Tumblr’s 2012 aesthetics are making a comeback, including Lolita.”

Kaiiya, TikToker, says that people mix up the Lolita fashion with the book Lolita written by Vladimir Nabokov. The fashion and the book have nothing in common. Although kidcore’s overexaggerated use of lipstick and eye makeup could be considered Lolita fashion, this is not the focus of the makeup trend.

Why is kidcore so popular?

Temple Jones, creator and influencer describes kidcore as “an aesthetic and a mindset [that] reminds one to keep your youthful heart on the sleeve.” It is a way of honoring your inner child and finding a way that allows you to be creative without second-guessing or judgments.

“Kidcore” is often defined as bright, saturated colors and tacky styles of the ’90s. But to Serena Adelaide, a makeup artist, it really means whatever makes you happy with a little nostalgia.

Kidcore is important to makeup artist Abby Ruhman. Abby Ruhman has alopecia (an autoimmune disorder that causes hair loss). She says, “Being completely bald as a woman has taught me to be more creative with my eye makeup. It’s inspired me to express my feminine side in a way that is approachable, fun and colorful. I hope that my tutorials and videos on the internet will inspire others to have a child-like enthusiasm for makeup and to push their creative boundaries.”

What is the best way to do kidcore makeup?

Although Kidcore may seem daunting, there is an easy way to get started. Sullivan suggests starting with blush and adding it to your center of the face. She suggests that you start with a blush that you like. Use a brush or your fingertips to lightly tap it onto your apples of cheeks. Then, use whatever leftover to tap on your bridge of the nose. This could be a great everyday look, and you can add some bright primary colors to the eyes and lips.

There are many options if you don’t want to just blush. Jones says that kidscore can be as simple as a lipstick color or a bare skin with some stickers, gems and sparkles. I recommend going to dollar and craft stores to get stickers, trinkets for jewelry making, fabric markers, beads, glitter and string.

Adelaide recommends starting with liquid makeup that is easy to use. She says she loves Mehron Makeup AQ Palette and About Face Fluid Eye paints. I recommend buying a mixing plate to create new colors without needing to purchase too many products. Focus on primary colors such as red, yellow, and blue, but don’t forget black, so you can create lighter and darker colors with fewer options.

Can I wear kidcore makeup every day?

All of our experts agree that you can embrace elements of kidcore, even if it is a bit too much for your personal style and daily routine. Davy says that you can incorporate kidcore into your style in subtle ways. There are many kidcore accessories to choose from, including kooky hair accessories and heart-shaped bags.

Davy says, “I love an all-black outfit with fun socks, a fun bag, and maybe a neon nail polish. We are now ready to take care of our inner children.”